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  1. Also, I forgot to mention that there should be an over temperature switch to shut everything down if all else fails. At least I would think that there should be?
  2. Wow! That’s a little unsettling, that means the sail switch that detects air flow/fan turning is maybe stuck in the “made” or air is flowing position. That one little switch is supposed to prevent the burner from igniting if there is no fan to cool the fire box or to provide combustion air flow. (two different fans/one motor on the Suburban furnace) The burner will ignite if there is no combustion air flow but will not ignite if there is no air circulation flow to cool the fire box as the switch only detects the latter. I wouldn’t use the furnace until you can figure it all out. No air flow is a dangerous situation.
  3. Thanks! I originally really hoped to find something already made but there just doesn’t seem to be grills that are 2 or 2 1/2 inches wide and 24 3/4 inches long out there.
  4. Typically the furnace will not ignite until a proof of fan switch is made. In other words, the fan must be running first then the burner will ignite. Either all of the register dampers are closed or the ducts are not attached to the furnace. Check both of these things.
  5. An incremental update. I finished the upper and lower grills so I’d call the installation complete. The fridge has been running continuously on either DC or AC since I received it coming up on a month now. We have been on a long weekend camping/test trip and we’re pleased with it’s performance. It maintains upper teens to low 20’s in the freezer and low to mid 30’s in the fridge regardless of the outside temperature. The compressor seems to run for about 5 minutes and then is off for about 5 minutes if it’s hot (95 or so) outside and is off a bit longer if it’s cool (mid to upper 60’s) outside. So far the 320 watts solar and four T105 batteries have been able to keep up. Testing will continue on upcoming trips.
  6. I’ve noticed the large somewhat blurry avatars as well. They overlap the I guess it’s called banner.
  7. Great job! Looks perfect. Mine has to just set out in the weather.
  8. The fridge has a circuit specifically for a fan. The fans turn on and off with the compressor. They start a second or so before the compressor starts and turn off at the same time as the compressor.
  9. I just completed my changeover to a Nova Kool compressor fridge. The model I ended up with is a R5810. These photos show some of the major steps of the installation of the new refrigerator. Because the opening is a little bit too wide, I had to fabricate the four stainless brackets. They are epoxied in place and allow the fridge mounting screws to pull against the fiberglass cabinet front. The outside upper and lower vents are still removable and are sealed with closed cell foam. I used the outside access several times during the installation and can see a benefit to having outside access in the future for cleaning behind the fridge, etc. Because everything associated with the fridge is now inside the camper, it is 100 times easier to remove and replace. I disconnected the gas line outside under the camper and replaced the "T" fitting with a flair union. I plugged both ends of the gas line that runs up to the old fridge so that it'll stay clean for future use if needed. The last things that I have to fabricate are the upper and lower grills. I have 1/8 aluminum stock that I'll cut to size and mill slots in. I plan on painting these gloss white. When running the only noise (and it's very slight) are the fans I added to help remove the heat from the back of the fridge. So far the fridge has been running on battery power from the day I received the fridge now 14 days ago. There have been several cloudy days during this time and the batteries have come back to 100%. The only things running have been the fridge and the Maxxfan on auto mode. There have been temps in the camper of 95 degrees and the fridge has maintained 18-22 degrees in the freezer and 33-35 degrees in the fridge. Testing will continue with a few short trips before we head out to Quartzsite in December or January.
  10. Mary Kay and I were greatly saddened by this news! We are thinking of and praying for strength in the coming days for the Oliver family. We are very thankful for knowing Jim. He will be greatly missed.
  11. <p style="text-align: left;">Sherry, next time you see Steve you really need to take a look the rock collection! I’m surprised you haven’t seen it yet. ?</p>
  12. NowrNever, you asked what other folks’ weights were. On our LEII the tongue weight is around 650-675 pounds and the loaded trailer is about 6,700 pounds. I have the tongue basket with a Honda 2000 generator and a fuel container with about 2-3 gallons in it. I also have the two 30 pound propane tanks. We also always travel with a full fresh water tank and empty (as much as possible) black/grey tanks. I tow with a 3/4 ton truck and don’t use the Andersen Hitch. As John said, the Oliver LEII trailers tow perfectly stable.
  13. Steve, this new slide design sounds cool. I know that if you’re designing it that it’ll be great. I can hardly wait to see the finished product! I have been considering a bed slide but now want to wait until I can see your new one.
  14. Yes, 1/2 inch grade 8 bolts and nylon locking nuts. My original coiled cables were attached to the tongue with 3/8ths grade 8 bolts. I wouldn’t use anything smaller than the 1/2 inch grade 8 bolts.
  15. This is what I ended up with. I chose 3/8ths grade 70 chain and hardware. Grade eight fasteners with heavy washers. The black washers I made from 1 1/2 dia bar stock and are 1/4 in thick. The stainless washers I cut from 3/16 plate. The large bar inserted into the tongue is 1 1/2 in thick stainless machined width to just tap into the tongue. The matching grade 70 hooks fit nicely into the Chevy 2500hd Duramax hitch. I think that EACH chain assembly is good for (WLL) is 6,600 lbs. Breaking strength is 4 X the WLL so 26,400 lbs of breaking strength.
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