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  1. We have the Anderson wedges and love them. 0-4 inch lift for side to side leveling. No need to cut them to fit between the tires (at least on the 2017 model).
  2. I put together this tester at the suggestion of another Oliver owner and keep it handy in my truck door pocket. The voltage display was ordered from Amazon and is advertised as a night light as well. This combination tests the pedestal for not only the typical wiring problems but also for over/under voltage issues. It does not however check for incorrect cycles (above or below 60). I do this very quick test before plugging in. After that the installed surge protector shows and filters out typical voltage, wiring and incorrect cycles issues.
  3. RB, I’ve never heard of them. I changed out mine about two months ago and made several wiring changes in the process. I went with three Battle Born 100 AH batteries. I’ve been very happy with this setup so far.
  4. Great! I’m glad that you were able to get the parts you needed.
  5. A couple of years ago I went through the same issues. Dometic had a difficult time finding the correct boards and Dinosaur didn’t have the eyebrow board. I got their main board but it wouldn’t communicate with the Dometic eyebrow board.
  6. Check the junction box located just below the transfer switch. I and others have had loose connections in this area. There are solid wires and stranded wires connected together with wire nuts in this box. This is a difficult type of connection and it is possible that a loose connection in this box could cause the issues that you may be experiencing. Please make sure that your trailer is not connected to shore power and be sure that the inverter is off as well before removing the junction box cover.
  7. My 2017 hull number 208 has the same issue. It’s around the rear window in two places and on the driver’s side rear most window in one small area. I first noticed this maybe a year after I had Oliver take all of the windows out and reseal them with a “new” method that they were starting to use. I am assuming that they used a black sealing putty that comes in a roll and so the color is bleeding through the white silicone that was smeared all around the window frames outside and (unfortunately) well onto the fiberglass. As an aside, does anyone have a good way to cleanly remove some of the white
  8. Thank you for that timely reminder! We are certainly blessed!
  9. I have had the same problem with my detector as well. It would go off more and more frequently even though it was only less that three years old. Probably a combination of age, normal dust, and the fact that my trailer had been in Oliver service very frequently. Remember the old service area was very dusty. Anyway, I decided to just replace the detector. I found the Atwood 36681 detector in white at Panther RV Products for $49.95. I paid around $20.00 for shipping but that may have been for quicker shipping, don’t remember. That was about a year ago and I haven’t had any issues since. These de
  10. John just today I was doing an electrical modification and went to Home Depo to buy a piece of vinyl board. Lowe’s has it as well. They have various thickness and shapes.
  11. John, I took all three of my jacks apart about six months after I purchased our 2017 LEII. I took mine apart because one jack was (is) very loud running in either direction. The grease used in the gearboxes in mine is a white lithium type. I didn’t think there was quite enough used so, I ordered a can of white lithium and added much more. What was factory installed was soft but just skimpy IMHO. The extra grease sadly didn’t change the sound so I’m no longer concerned that the gears may be running dry.
  12. Keep in mind that our fresh water tanks come with a lot of built in trash and that there is a lot of trash that comes in from the many questionable water sources that we either fill our fresh water tanks with or use directly. Any faucets used should be trash/dirt tolerant otherwise you’ll be disassembling or repairing them often. I would think that an automatic temperature control may be sensitive to trash. The faucets and shower mixer that I used are made by Shurflo(?) and are the Trinidad model. The shower head is the Oxygenics brand and has a shutoff valve attached. They advertise that it i
  13. This my bathroom shower/faucet arraignment and was installed by Oliver when our trailer was built. I wanted to have my choice of shower heads and also have the same faucet in both the bath and kitchen.
  14. Our winter trip to Quartzsite was the first long test of our NovaKool fridge. We left home December 20th and arrived back home February the 24th. The first three days on the road it was cloudy and rainy. I don’t know that I had to but, on the third evening I ran my generator for about an hour. Several days of travel out to Quartzsite we boon docked with one night on shore power. Four nights at Lost Dutchman State Park with a day or so of clouds. Ran the generator one morning for a couple hours. We were at Quartzsite for ten nights with mostly sunny days so didn’t need the generator. Traveling
  15. Yes, that’s the one. Currently it is imported and installed by Advanced RV in Willoughby, Ohio. They list a cost of $2,749.00 installed. You correctly listed the YouTube video showing the inside of the unit. I agree it would be great to have an AC unit using the Danfoss inverter driven compressor.
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