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  1. Ok, but the chart looks like they are showing the furnace fan only and the amps listed are at 120 VAC. Our camper furnaces run on DC/propane only. I may just test the furnace load while running.
  2. For general information, both the Suburban NT-20SEQ furnace and Suburban SW6DE water heater as installed in the 2017 (hull 208) Oliver LEII (information taken from my Oliver supplied as built sheet) are rated for 10.5 - 13.5 VDC. The Dinosaur replacement control board that I now have on my water heater is rated for 10 - 19 VDC. The Blue Sky solar controller is programmed for maximum voltage of 14.6, acceptance charge of 14.4, and float charge of 13.6 VDC. These settings are per the Battle Born folks. From the above information and the fact that the Progressive Dynamics PD4045 charger also pro
  3. Mountainman198, the wheels are lug-centric. There is a bunch of clearance (probably 1/2 inch at least) between the wheel ID and the hub OD and, the lug nuts are matching tapers with the wheels.
  4. Hull number 208, 2017. Wheels were not balanced but I requested that they be balanced during my pickup inspection. I guess technically they were balanced when the trailer actually left the factory!
  5. John, I do carry a spare. Mike’s install is a little different than mine or probably yours. The older Oliver trailers didn’t have a separate breaker panel in the attic so we just tested the wire bundle (all black) coming out of the power distribution center until we found the one feeding the fans. Both fans are fed by one source. My trailer has the breaker panel in the attic with one marked blower (marine breaker assembly). I attached the regulator to that breaker and it was hidden behind the side panel. I purchased the regulator from Amazon (look up DC voltage regulator) and the manufacturer
  6. That looks great! Are the two aluminum bars that mount the frame solid 2x2?
  7. When I changed out my lead acid batteries with three Battle Born batteries a few months ago, I added a voltage regulator (shown below) to the Maxxfan and bath fan circuit for that very reason. The Maxxfan control board is not known for over voltage reliability. But I have not had any trouble with the other control boards. Actually the only one that is stock is the furnace board. I replaced the water heater board with a Dinosaur board a couple years ago and the compressor fridge can handle 12-24 volts DC or 110-220volts (50-60 HZ) AC. I think that relatively inexpensive voltage regulators are
  8. This would be an ideal use of a panel mounted fuse holder (probably under the rear dinette seat) visible from the trailer cabin. In particular a fuse holder that lights up when the fuse is blown. Periodic testing would be more important with a fuse installed in the emergency brake power wire.
  9. Before we found Oliver, we drove to Elkhart and toured every manufacturer. We were in Elkhart for a full week and walked away with a large box of brochures. We attended several large RV shows in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. I toured the Airstream factory in Jackson Center on three occasions. In all this I didn’t see the quality that I was looking for. Being a mechanical design engineer (form follows function) I saw a lot of both design mistakes (personal opinion) and assembly mistakes. The very first time I saw an Oliver I knew that I had found what I was looking for! When we took the plan
  10. John, I did basically the same thing you’re thinking a couple of years ago. I took two low amperage 12 volt computer fans and mounted them to the inside of the furnace return grill. Now that I have removed the problematic propane fridge, I use the fridge fan switch by the entry door to operate these fans. I don’t use a thermostat but just turn them on and let them run. They are able to take the conditioned cabin air and force it into the basement. Not a lot of flow but I can feel a slight bit leaking thru the converter grill under the dinette. A higher capacity fan(s) would be great but I woul
  11. Seeing the shower head changes reminded me that when I ordered our trailer I wasn’t real fond of the shower arrangement so had Oliver make a modification for me. I liked the idea of being able to select the shower head that I wanted and be able to replace it whenever. I used Shurflo brand “Trinidad” model shower diverter valve. Both bath/kitchen faucets are the same design for fewer parts inventory and are the Shurflo “Trinidad” type as well.
  12. If nothing else, all of the battery photos show that in a mobile application such as in our campers there is almost constant movement between the batteries and the tray. For this reason I don’t think using solid buss bars between batteries is a good thing. I would think that there would be battery lug or internal damage caused. I bring this up because there have been posts about lithium changeover projects lately and this post highlights the need of being somewhat flexible with battery inter connections.
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