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  1. Thank you for going to the trouble of capturing the "loaded" weight. There are times when you may need to be fully loaded, and this helps... thanx, dale
  2. All, Of all the blogs that I have become involved in this one is the best. The information has been both helpful and pertinent to my original question. I will take all suggestion (read the fine print) when making a final decision. I am leaning toward the Tacoma at this time. TBD on the big or little Oliver... Many thanks, dale
  3. Gary, Thank you for your opinion. Would you explain what you meant by the statement "I would really read about tow weights they are half of what is shown without the WDH" Especially what is WDH. If I look at the specs Oliver gives an indication of what the towing weight would be, do you know if they are accurate? Toyota states the towing capacity of the 2016 v6 with towing package is over 6k lbs which seems to be plenty for the smaller Oliver. thanx, dale
  4. Hello All, Dale here and looking for a little help with an upcoming decision. I am about to purchase a travel trailer and a vehicle to tow it with. I was pretty sold on a Casita 17 footer but after sitting in one yesterday not so sure it is large enough. I had also decided that a 2016 Tacoma would be adequate to tow it with. I have been looking at the Olivers but was a little concerned with the prices. Now I am back to trying to figure out if a Tacoma would be able to pull either of the two Oliver models. Any help would be appreciated and welcomed.... thanx, da
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