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  1. I was told by the vendor that I bought the replacement cooling unit from that the gap is not that unusual and not to worry about it. It is completely sealed from behind the refrigerator when the new cooling unit is installed and sealed. The new cooling unit (backing plate) is sealed with spray foam and foil tape so that it is air tight.
  2. Once I "dug out" all the Styrofoam that was held in place by spray foam I was able to remove the refrigerator and replace the bad cooling unit. What I did notice while removing the bad cooling unit is that the cooling plate in the refrigerator with the fins had a small gap on one side and at the top. Upon installation of the new cooling unit the gap seems to be slightly bigger. The unit seems to be cooling great now. Are those gaps a big deal, and do they need to be sealed? Or are they sealed from behind by the cooling unit? The opening in the refrigerator behind the fins seems to be slightly too big to be completely covered by the fins as I removed the plate, and it will not entirely cover the opening. Thoughts?
  3. After looking at the pictures that JED posted I noticed he had what looked like Styrofoam stacked on top of the refrigerator. I took off the baffle in the upper vent and mine was full of Styrofoam also but with sprayfoam in between a couple of layers. It is so tight I can't even move the Styrofoam. I guess that could be one reason I can't move the refrigerator. The only way to get the styrofoam out would be to tear it out. I guess then I would have to replace it with new styrofoam when reinstalling the refrigerator. I'm going to call the service department Monday and see what they recommend. Thanks for the help.
  4. Need some advice on removing a Norcold N412 from my 2018 OE2. After removing the interior refrigerator door, I have removed the 2 screws from the bottom trim and 2 screws above the door through 2 holes going up through the display control panel (eyebrow?). I removed the exterior vent doors and disconnected the LP, AC and DC connections and the tape that was attaching the baffle to the top of the refrigerator. I still cannot get the fridge to budge. Am I missing something? Are there screws behind the control panel inside? I can't seem to figure out how the display comes off. I'm guessing clips, but I don't know where they are and don't want to break anything. The only other thing in the exterior vent were a couple of metal plates that were only taped down behind the refrigerator. Even had a friend stop by to help but even with 2 of us we couldn't get it to move. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Hi Everyone, We are happy to be the new owners of Hull #402. We have done a lot of tent camping, but we are new to RV camping. Looking forward to many adventures and excited to be a part of the Oliver Family!
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