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  1. Post a pix when you're finished. Depending upon how you mount the Zamp Connector and the Switch....pay particular attention to where the "case closures" need to be in their fully closed position. The switch position was something I messed up the first time, when I was "finished" the case closures couldn't fully engage, had to move the switch down a bit and plug the hole I had drilled. Measure twice, drill once! CS
  2. Yes, just took the cover off this week as we hosted a "Oliver Visit" today. Got her all cleaned up inside and out looked great because it was under the cover all winter. We sanitized the fresh tanks and flushed it twice. Also learned a quick way to "drain" the fresh tank is to open up Truma water dump spigot in addition to the lower tank drain and turn on the pump. It quickly evacuated down to 6% of water then I shut off the pump and let it dribble over night. We're prepping for a set of trips soon. Best wishes for a safe, healthy and fun camping season.
  3. I'm planning on buying kits for our 3.5K axles as well to have spares on the road. Looking for part numbers I found this...but I'ld like confirmation from the forum members. This is a pix of the Axle lable for our Elite II - 2019 Found t Below in the table is the replacement chart from the Dexter User Materials. The last row I believe has the part numbers for the 3.5K Axles. Can anyone here confirm the part numbers for our 3.5K Elite II axles are Named as "set 4" - L44649/L44610 Named as "set 17" - are the L68111/L68149. I'm thinking of b
  4. Here'a a fun project that provides you a backup 12v Pump for your Ollie. I bought a spare 12V Shurflo water pump to carry with me on our coming long long adventures around the US. I decided to build it into a water transfer pump that I could use for multiple uses and still have a backup pump. Some ways I can use this transfer pump: Transfer fresh water from portable tanks and bladders directly through the Oliver fresh tank port. (This is without using the boondocking port.) Use as a pusher pump for a bladder to the street side water port on the Oliver Use ar
  5. Remind us what sensors you have for all this spaces? Craig
  6. The tank upgrade is in prep for an Alaska trip in the future...and will save us having to more than one jerry can for backup.
  7. Trainman, Thanks for the feedback. When I started, I was thinking of examples from older QSL- ham call sign contact cards. They often show ham's gear, sometimes the antenna farm and in other cases a pix of the operator and the call sign. This is my first attempt at a card aimed at establishing a more email / web contact. I kept personal pictures off the card and focused on our contact info and "web page" access up front. In the web pages, you'll find we are in some of the camping photos in the website, so if the person goes to look at the blog pages, that will hel
  8. We also use AccuRite 3 zone as stated above and as shown in our blog here: https://4-ever-hitched.com/ggs-blog/f/keeping-gg-safely-warm
  9. BlueHighways> From experience, yes indeed, make sure you back up a set of .ABT files before you do anything. Also you can to to the Ford Support Pageand get the "AS Built" .AB file for your truck by VIN #. https://www.motorcraftservice.com/AsBuilt That .AB file can't be directly imported in total on one go, but it can be imported at the module by module level in Forscan to perform a reset back to original if things for each module if things out of whack. For example, you would go to the Instrument Control Panel module, load and write from the ford .AB file, and Forscan
  10. John, Thanks for the tip, I just removed the pix with the detail...left one with the QR code. CS
  11. We are one of the registered Oliver owners who show our trailer to those thinking of buying an Oliver. We created new "trading cards" to hand out as appropriate to visitors and for friends we meet on the road. In this instance we've also included a QR code, which when scanned with a smart phone or tablet will show the link to our blog page where we review various campgrounds, and list some of the many accessories Oliver owners find useful. Please give it a try and see if scanning the QR code takes you to our website: https://4-ever-hitched.com Craig
  12. Seems like a great idea John. I assume that the current grill is essentially the cold air return for the furnace? CS
  13. I recently upgraded from a 34 gallon stock fuel tank to a 60 Gallon S&B Fuel Tank. The install was into our 2021 F350 6.7L Crew Cab/Short Bed. It fits in midship as shown in the image below from the S&B Tanks Site: As part of the upgrade process, I needed to use Forscan to update the "fuel tank size" so the dash display correctly displayed distance to empty. I now have a scanner, and the Forscan software and have learned quite a bit on how to "safely" make modifications to things like the display settings (added TEMPs to gauges) and the features. Now with the upg
  14. Very creative solution....Thanks for posting. Hull 505 - 2019 EII - Galway Girl C.S.
  15. FWIW- We use this low profile electric heater from Caframo - True North model 9206. Caframo is a Canadian Manufacturer typically you see their products like fans and gear in the boating world. True North is a small low profile heater, and that means it doesn't get tipped over (but has a shutoff if it does). We find it's pretty quiet even at higher speeds. (Not as quiet as our Vornado, but we find this heater puts out more heat as well.) It also has a setting for long term storage. If set to the temp dial to the blue "Snowflake" setting, when the temp drops below 34F it com
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