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  1. We’re 505, 999 ahead of you. Wonder who will be 1000 (hull 1505). craig
  2. I’ve recently had an issue with the wiring on my ARE Canopy. It took a lot of emails and time with ARE to share the wiring diagram for the lights. Thought I would share here just in case any Oliver owner needs the info. ARE directs buyers through the dealer network for parts and info like this. Each dealer is pot luck on support and trying to attain a simple diagram was a major feat, especially while traveling. To get a response, I had to share the SN of the canopy, show receipts of part orders from a dealer before ARE sent the diagram. The replacement parts are not shipped with any instructions or indication as what connects to what and caused me 3 weeks of delay. I appreciate Oliver support more each day.
  3. As a safety check as you contact Oliver. There have been a few of those under the dinette transfer switches that failed due to loose wiring connections inside and had thus melted internal wiring. Transfer relay wires can wiggle loose and cause the switch to toggle back and forth when power is applied. To check, you would need to disconnect from shore power and generator, then open the transfer switch box to check if its connections are tight and no smoked wiring.
  4. I was able to re-use 2 (+) cables that were on the batteries and those coming into the battery bay from the inside connections. I had to make 2 new ground cables for the battery as they were farther apart for the new batteries. I also added a common bus bar for all grounds as I installed a Victron smart shunt for measuring battery bank status.
  5. In this blog post I cover the many aspects of a Agm to lithium conversion including a discussion of the 7 pin wire disconnection and dc-dc converter installation. Hope it’s of some use. https://4-ever-hitched.com/ggs-blog/f/lithium-battery-upgrade Craig
  6. Heads up: It could be impossible for CGI to do the treatment at Ladybird Park for the 3 days adjacent to the eclipse (if at all). Just suggesting CGI check if Ladybird Park park policy allows services including cleaning limited at that time .
  7. Thanks for the tips. Did the mod today in < 30 minutes. I used a 5/32" bit instead of the 11/64" the instructions suggested as having a bit more metal for the self tappers to bite into was needed. Here's my blog post including details. https://4-ever-hitched.com/ggs-blog/f/adding-friction-door-hinges-for-wind-protection Craig
  8. Mike,


    We're considering hopping over to CGI Detailing in April after our Oliver Service visit.   When you had your's done, where was it applied?  Do they have a shop?

     I looked up the business and it just looks like a home.  (No Shop).

    What's been your experience after the detailing?  Did it last?  Approximate cost?


    Craig Short
    *hull 505

    1. topgun2


      AS I remember it - Mike and Carol had their Ollie done by CGI in the driveway of their home in Texas.

      I had mine done just last year at CGI's place in TN.  The place is slightly hard to find but it is just outside Murfreesboro, TN.  They do have a "shop" and can totally enclose the Oliver if the weather demands it.

      If you like donuts - then I recommend Donut Country in Murfreesboro.  Its not hard to get to from CGI.  If you get coffee and eat inside they will refill the coffee - free (do not get the paper cup - ask for the ceramic cup)

      Tell the guys - Colin, Gavin and Denver - I said hello.  Also, there are a bunch of "different" chickens running around the yard - some with feathered feet!


      Craig -

      I just "Googled" CGI and I think that I see what you are probably talking about.  Perhaps they have moved the operation - but - my bet is that the Googled address is where Colin and Gavin are presently living versus where they detail and coat Olivers.  Make sure that you get the GPS coordinates for where they want you to arrive for your appointment.

    2. Mike and Carol

      Mike and Carol

      Craig, we had ours done in our driveway.  The CGI team was on a Texas visit and did 5 or 6 trailers.  They are very thorough and do a great job.  They gave us a complimentary wash the day we arrived at the rally last year.  The shine has held up well, we’re glad we did it since we were starting to oxidize a little.  Mike

  9. My data for your inclusion: One other piece of data that would be great in the set is the sticker payload.... in this case our F350 has a factory sticker Payload of 3440 Lbs.
  10. Updated Fredericksburg visitor video on Eclipse planning: https://youtu.be/2RR49lrZsfk
  11. We cover the 10 choice requirements in our blog here: https://4-ever-hitched.com/ggs-blog/f/how-did-we-choose-an-oliver-travel-trailer
  12. Just did a whole series of articles on mods/accessories here on our Hull 505 *Galway Girl* blog fyi. link: Galway Girls Blog 7
  13. Hull 505 - Reports back Our SN for the failed unit was Hull 505 - SN DLE 60C - 29289053.. Another SN reported is.... Hill 1125 - S/N DLE 60C - 32153014 There were other reports before and after hull 505. Maybe Truma needs to reveal and report all suspect unit S/N to NHTSA?
  14. Maybe this... We use one of these Hasko cup holders in our Bathroom for toothbrushes. They have a strong suction cup that sticks like crazy to the Ollie fiberglass. It can pivot a bit for adjustment on the curved wall. It comes with the cup but it can be removed and a typical store water bottle fits. It's called the HASKO accessories - Suction Cup Toothbrush Holder We feature it in our blog here along with other suction cup storage holders. https://4-ever-hitched.com/ggs-blog/f/our-top-6---storage-products
  15. We have CPAP machines, so we sleep head to rear as our machines sit on the middle storage cubby. Our rear console also has AC , DC, and USB outlets on both sides so it works best for us to head rearward. CS
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