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  1. Rivernerd: I posted an update based on your feedback. What a pain. I wonder if the connector changed at the factory or if the holder inside dimensions changed.
  2. Great news. If you come over to Wa check out our guide here: https://4-ever-hitched.com/ Hull 505
  3. See this holder Oliver Outfitters Guide on Amazon We mounted it on our tongue box.
  4. Replaced grommets in door hooks. Found at Ace HW and Lowes in the nut bins sector he store. Specs: Hook itself is 1/4” dia Bracket Hole size 1/2” Grommet hole 5/16” grommet is 1/4” thick
  5. My front reflectors failed first...so I had Oliver Service sell and ship me the replacement reflectors for a few $. Like others I found them a bit tricky to remove initially, but after realizing that the paper left behind could be scraped off with the plastic razor blades it went much faster. I also like the idea of finding a flexible DOT approved sticker as mentioned earlier. In my case bought a similar set of 2 each the Red and Amber 3M version from Amazon as my backup for the next time I have to do that repair. I threw them in my travel parts kit.
  6. Final Update: Upon factory inspection by Truma of the failed unit. They reported back to Oliver that the issue was with some improperly torqued connections inside the water heater, caused by improperly calibrated production tools at Truma. So they have fully refunded the cost of my repair. I don't know if NHTSA is taking any action, but I'll report back the results I heard from Oliver and Truma. CS
  7. You might also consider securing the backof the water heater to the frame with a strap or L brackets. My water heater had an issue which included a fire, and one of the requested steps upon repair from Truma was to firmly attach the back of the water heater down to the frame it's sitting on. (The back of the Truma is sitting on a frame member for the trailer.) After about 3 months, I heard back that the water heater I had was found to have an improperly torqued internal gas connection from the Truma factory. They told Oliver Service that upon tear down they found the torque issue was linked to a manufacturing line situation where their Torque tool wasn't properly calibrated. Not sure what batch of units that impacted but they eventually fully refunded my replacement unit.
  8. $53,900 was EII Twin base price for our 2019
  9. We have a 2019 EII with the standard toilet. Tanks on 2019 were specified as : Fresh = 30gal - more like 28Gallons Grey = 30 Gal Black = 18 Gal (Now 15 Gallons reported in later models.) The NEWER Specs from 2023 data sheet are shown below: Fresh Water Tank Capacity Design Capacity 32 Gal. Grey Water Tank Capacity Design Capacity 32 Gal. Black Water Tank Capacity Design Capacity 15 Gal. Use Case: Boondocking sites...no restroom or pit toilets. We take very short (Navy) showers, wash hair outside or in a basin, and use wipes every other day. Black: Boondocking the black tank fills between 3-5 days. (If there are pit toilets or other facilities then we can get to 6 days.) Grey: Typically lasts 8 days. We've not typically had an issue with GREY filling up. For Boondocking, the toilet really is the limiting factor, and many have specifically chosen the compositing toilet for that reason if they plan to do a lot of boondocking. Craig Hull 505
  10. The water heater itself has an internal shutoff valve, so when you turn "off" the truma switch outside this valve cuts off gas. The only other shutoffs are the ones on the front tanks. CS Hull 505 with Truma on board.
  11. Bob and Marsha are the couple that showed us their Oliver on Referral from the Factory. It will be fun to check in with them again! Craig
  12. Will be doing a repair as well....Oliver Charged me for the new block for our 2019. Thanks for the articles in the thread which will help me prepare the surface for a good mount. Attaching with wires to make sure they don't fully fall off is a great add. CS Hull 505 - 2019 EII
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