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Found 2 results

  1. We recently arrived at our one-year anniversary of owning an Elite II, and I have been completing some maintenance and modification tasks—among them, a fresh water sanitation and flush of the fresh water tank. (I followed some good advice on another thread about how to do this. I used the bleach-followed-by-vinegar method.) I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that this was the first time that I checked the filter that is in the plumbing line just before the water pump. Opening it, I discovered several shreds of plastic. This was before I completed the sanitation and flush. I wondered how they got there, dumped them, rinsed and replaced the filter before thinking that I should have taken a photo of them to post on the forum. However, after the last flush of the fresh water tank, I opened up the filter again to find a few more shreds of plastic in the filter. I’m wondering if others have found similar material in their filters and come up with an explanation of their origin. I’m thinking now that mine might be residue from the modification completed on my fresh water tank by my local RV repair shop: They installed the kit provided by Oliver to replace the intake hose to better access the water. Anyway, I’d be interested in learning if others have found similar material in their filters and their thoughts about the situation. It DOES seem that the filter is doing its job: My pump is still pumping. I will be checking my filter much more frequently from now on.
  2. We took our new Ollie out first time this week to test things out. Mostly going well but first thing was a small leak in shark bite at hot water line. Caused water to weep out from bottom hull. Found leak and pressed down on Sharbite and it did move a little. Appears to have stopped the leak all but a little moist to the touch but not sure yet. Next I decided to try the boondocking water tank so I followed the instructions for filling my potable water tank, drove to my new site, set everything up, changed the valve configuration to boondocking for water, flipped the water pump switch and nothing. Light at switch did come on but pump never started running and after 15 minutes still never got any water. Couldn’t diagnose so moved to a hookup site. I am fortunate I was at a campground and able to do that verses just being out there. Anyone got any suggestions on if I am doing something wrong? I have a call into Richie but it is Sat. If anyone see this and would like to give me a call at 704.281.8608 that would be great. If we are able to diagnoise will post
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