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Found 1 result

  1. I am trying to find the perfect generator for my yet-to-be-ordered Ollie. I will mostly be traveling alone I expect, so there is a limit to how much generator I can dead-lift in and out of my truck or a storage compartment. I'm pretty strong for a woman I think, but still, I'm not going to be slamming around anything much over 50 or maybe 60 pounds. I would like to get away from gasoline because of the general mess and fire danger. And my truck is a diesel, so I have a virtually unlimited supply of that relatively unvolatile fuel if I want to suck it out of the truck. Problem is finding a reasonably lightweight, relatively quiet diesel generator. I found one supposedly made by in Canada by Advanced Engine Technology Ltd., but I am not finding a way to actually buy one. Their website shows one called the Flex-Lite 2.5kW AC/DC that sounds like it might be just the thing. It weights 108 pounds (without fuel I assume). But my plan would be to have it securely locked into a generator basket on the tongue so I don't have to lift it ever. The truck will handle the extra tongue weight fine I am sure. I am wondering if anyone has ever seen or used one of these generators or know where to buy one? Failing in that, any recommendations for an equivalent diesel that doesn't weight 400 lbs and cost more than the Ollie would be helpful. Also, the thing is rated at 75 db at 7 m, which is about 15 db more than similar kW-rated gasoline Hondas and Yamahas. But 75 db is supposed to be about like a hair dryer, which doesn't sound so awful. I might be able to get a cover with good sound insulation that I could run on it to minimize the noise and still let the engine cool (it is air-cooled so it will need air). This is the website where I found the Flex-Lite, but it seems to exist nowhere else, other than a picture on the web http://www.aet.ca/index.php?section=50 Any comments on how much of a jerk I would be at 75 db and advice on diesel generators in general. I'm not so concerned with the extra cost, since I would expect to get many more hours out of a diesel engine to offset the initial expense. But the perfect model so far eludes all search. Jaque Idaho Ollie Owner of the Future (ordering a 2017?) 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Duramax Diesel with Allison 6-speed and tow package, Ext cab, long bed with topper
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