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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, Yesterday evening was an exciting day as our new Oliver (#609) arrived by third party. Western Wyoming did it's best to greet the driver with snow flurries. I was going to pick it up in person but changed plans as the world starting sliding sideways with covid-19. Today started the shakedown process in our yard. The trailer looks fantastic: it's solid and beautiful. I have been working my way through systems (all except plumbing). Blew a fuse right away on one of the back leveling jacks. After replacing the fuse, it worked without problem. I haven't managed to figure out how to heat the Ollie yet, but I think I need more quality time with the manual. 12v lights is what has me stumped ... All exterior lights, interior curtesy lights, reading lights, and the closet light all fail to function. None of the blue lights come on the switches that should control these lights. Strangely a 5 amp fuse was missing in the control panel location labelled "Cabin/Cabinet Lights". This is the bottom most position ((12.) in the 12V fuse panel near the dinette. Without a fuse in place the overhead cabin and cabinet lights work fine. Addition of a 5amp fuse didn't solve the problem of the other lights. All other switches near the entrance light up and the operations they control also work. Has anyone else had similar problem? Is there another 12V control panel somewhere? Is there a detailed diagram of the wiring in Oliver University? (If there is, I haven't found it). Oh, yes, one last question: There is a switch on the wall below the pantry. Unlabelled and all alone. It also doesn't light up when thrown into the on position. What is it supposed to control? Thanks!
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