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  1. Once we pick up our Oliver, one of the first improvements will be this table mount. Following is a good price for the complete table mounting system, in case someone else is thinking about this mod. Now $138, was $235. https://www.rv-table-mount.com/shop This product excludes the table top. Thanks for the great idea and instructions.
  2. Welcome! I don't have much to offer in the way of Oliver experience, as we are waiting for our late March delivery. Let us know how your delivery goes.
  3. The TFL guys have created for themselves pretty fun jobs. I hope Toyota keeps selling Land Cruisers in the US. If they stop, the prices of used LCs will go through the roof (along with any idea I have of owning one!).
  4. Here is a fun video comparing a used Land Rover and a used Land Cruiser. Since I have no dog in this fight (except that I think about someday replacing my 2007 Tundra with a used Land Cruiser) it is fun to sit back and see the results. According to TFLtruck the Land Cruiser was the clear winner. Waiting for March and my Oliver delivery.
  5. Thanks for the welcome Matt. Sonja is the Facebooker of the family. She might have a look. I've watched most of your videos already. They are helpful and well done. Best, Jason
  6. I think so. The write up by Overland is excellent. Jason
  7. Thanks all - Once I learned about the Olivers and started looking into them it wasn't a hard decision coming from a Scamp. The build and design details I saw on youtube vids of factory tours really impressed me. It was easy to see improvements over the Scamp design (and maybe the Casista's. I've never been in one). Even though we have enjoyed our Scamp (it is a great small camper) I am happy for something a bit bigger and bit more rugged. The only modification I have planned right now is to mount a Lagun table as described by Overland. It is a really slick design. David: We'll have to drag you guys over to the Wyoming range sometime next year. It isn't really a secret, but it is not heavily visited. Jason
  8. Hi All - We just placed our order for an Elite II for a completion date of March 26. I was about to give up looking for a replacement for our Scamp that we have had for years, then came across Oliver. Somehow Oliver stayed below my radar screen, which was too bad since it is basically what I've been looking for. The resources on this forum and on youtube are great. A special shout out to DavidS who agreed to have us look at his Oliver. (It never happened because of the weather events before and after Thanksgiving.) He also provided some great insight on what add-ons he liked. Can wait to put it to use here and around western Wyoming. Best, Jason and Sonja
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