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Found 1 result

  1. Hi folks. This is my first post as an owner! I'm having problems with heating and humidity, and have been scared to unwinterize for reasons you'll see below. A) I'm not convinced yet that this is a 4 season trailer as I've read and was marketed to. I've registered basement temperatures of 28F while continually running the furnace inside at 74F for days and after installing a 1.5" thick blue board skirt around the trailer! This concept of the furnace leakage heating the tanks looks kind of wish washy to me in practice on my hull. I read that others are doing it but I'm spooked. I hope those 28F measurements were an error or that there's something wrong with my furnace. Yes this is with the upgrade furnace. I'm looking at installing a more complex temp/humidity sensor system (see below), so I can diagnose/prove if something is wrong with our unit. B) Has anyone installed tank and valve heaters, or other diy things like light bulbs for heat under their rig? C)) I'm trying to figure out what the possibilities could be for adding compressor dehumidification that would access the space between the hulls and inside the hatches. Anyone have any ideas on where something like a crawl space dehumidifier or marine dehumidifier could fit in a Legacy II model and have access to a weep hole for continuous drainage? I haven't found a structural schematic of the body. They're usually 8-13" tall and 15-22" long depending on power. The basement seems obvious, but I'm not sure that has enough air exchange with the rest of the hull. I've been monitoring temperature and humidity here in Massachusetts in different parts of my Ollie for a couple of weeks. For reasons of health, I really need to be able to keep it low, in the 35-40% range. I've been running a 50 pint aerus pure&dry dehumidifier in the cabin, and it's steadily 30-35% up there, and it can even go down to 26%, but it doesn't seem to be able to access the basement and hatches, which can get up to 70% humidity. Outside temperatures here are often right around the dewpoint, so I'm concerned there could be a lot of condensation between the hulls. Please no one say damp rid or dessicant as that's not a viable long term solution. D) I'm looking at the BlueMaestro Tempo sensor system so I can monitor and graph dew point and temperature at locations all around the trailer. Hopefully that will work and I can get some better data on heat distribution, where airflow is going, and condensation might be. I'll report back on it in case anybody's interested. It transmits via Bluetooth to a mobile phone, which seems better than the wifi sensor systems since my wifi is spotty. You can buy a hub that will transmit the data and alerts to you over internet when you're away, but it's not necessary to operate the system. It seems like a very user configurable, high powered, expandable system for a decent price. mermaid Dry Pal marine dehumidifier roughly 15x15x8" https://www.mmair.com/marine-division/dehumidifier/ Santa Fe compact/crawl space dehumidifiers 13x12x21"L https://www.nashdistribution.com/our-products/by-industry/indoor-air-quality/dehumidifier-products/santa-fe/dehumidifiers/compact-2.html blue maestro tempo sensors https://www.bluemaestro.com/product/tempo-disc-temperature-humidity-data-logger/ Thanks for reading and considering! Julia
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