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  1. I wonder if this (putting mineral oil down the drains) would also help keep odors from coming up when the p traps dry out when a trailer is stored. What do y’all think? Ours sat for a few weeks in summer after hauling, the p traps dried out, and wow what an odor came up into the cabin from the empty grey tank. It cleared out, and generally we are using happy camper to good result, keeping the grey water smelling fine. But there’s got to be residue in the tank itself when it’s “empty”. Like you we have a composting toilet and have thought about repurposing our never used black tank.
  2. Thanks Bill! Right you were. There is no control box. No wonder I couldn’t find it. Sorry to take a while to reply- I moved residences, and we all know how that goes.
  3. quickie-anyone know where the ac control box is? Would look like this (see photo). I have a dometic led thermostat that’s not receiving voltage. The control box doesn’t seem to be in the ac unit.
  4. Back to Johns idea regarding dust infiltration. If I understand correctly you primarily want your mod to function while towing. It does sound like that oxide desert dust is a thing to be respected. If you’re already giving up cabin space to an air filter anyway, as I am, what about hooking up an air filtration system to the maxx fan in the cabin, set on intake, to create positive pressure in the cabin? I guess this would be a stationary rather than mobile solution. But some of the consumer hepa filter companies like IQ air and Allerair offer either intake hoods (for nail salons and indus
  5. Hi John. I want to get to your mod suggestion, but also stop to discuss a fine point for a second. I wouldn’t say I expected a “medically clean” unit from Oliver. I expected that they would provide a “normally” clean product to the standard that they advertise and that we agreed upon pre-sale. As we now really investigate we find drill shavings everywhere-these did not come from road vibration, and clearly show that they did not clean between all stages of assembly and manufacture as they say that they do. I expect this sort of thing these days, which is why my work order was accompanied by
  6. There are great minds here! I really appreciate all the suggestions. Raspy, I have a question about your idea to heat the bathroom via the two main cabin vents by leaving the door open. I agree that for bathroom cabin temperature, this might be more effective than using the bathroom ducted vent with the door closed. However what about protecting the water system between the hulls from low temperatures? Do you think this would be viable for using the fresh water tank in winter? My understanding is that the passive heat loss from the ducts in the hull is what protects the water lines, valv
  7. Hi folks, We are having to figure out how to replace our flex ducting from the furnace to the bathroom (looks like 4” dryer vent hose, steps down to 3” for the run to bathroom). The ducts in the cabin are easy to access, but it turns out Oliver engineered this so that the bathroom ducting is not accessible between the refrigerator and the bathroom vanity. Worse, it makes a 90 degree left turn and angles down slightly to get into the bathroom before it turns up again to get to the bathroom vent. Because the hose is fragile, it probably can’t be forced through this turn, nor cleaned in place.
  8. Here's what I've been noticing since I added fresh water to my trailer, started monitoring temperatures, and was running the cabin between 66F and 78 with exterior temperatures ranging from 7 to the 40s. Yes 78 is high-I've learned that my thermostat is set higher than the actual temperature. Anyway I n short I'm no longer worried about freezing. It seems like the water tanks really do help retain heat between the hulls. I am worried about humidity. Humidity is pretty well controlled in the cabin and the curb side bed hatches by the combination of the furnace and my dehumidifier, but the stree
  9. Lucky fellow Randy; I asked for extra insulation and they wouldn't do it for me...I guess this is part of the paring down of customized options.
  10. I just realized I mistyped, we've got the Atwood furnace and the Suburban gas water heater. Maybe these folks just want to sell me a new RV! Thanks for the hose link too.
  11. Hi Sherry, I read this at the time but was too swamped to reply. I appreciated your replying with ideas and experience with products. We ended up choosing the upgrade Terkett Fiberfloor in grey oak. After weeks of back and forth and actually being told otherwise, it was finally revealed that the Terkett brand styles (the seagrass, grey oak, and flagstone) are Fiberfloor, which is lower vocs than Terkett's regular vinyl. It's considered one of the best Flooring products options out there for people with MCS. I would have picked it straight away at the start if I'd known it was actually offered
  12. We are in Massachusetts, Julia and Avi! Hi Grayson! You showed me and my friend Will your camper! And I bought one. We liked your green and grey pinstripe color combo and used that btw. Julia
  13. Wowee, well that's encouraging to hear, water in the tanks down to 10 and haven't used a heated RV hose. I went to my local RV supply right after delivery to get a longer hose for filling the tanks and they scared the pants off me once they sussed out that I was planning to dewinterize and full time through the winter, rattling off a bunch of brands they'd seen freeze up here. They told me to buy a new camper or move south, and another service department down the road told me the same. Neither had heard of Oliver but were not impressed by the idea of an enclosed double hull with reflectix and
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