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Found 1 result

  1. Hi folks, We are having to figure out how to replace our flex ducting from the furnace to the bathroom (looks like 4” dryer vent hose, steps down to 3” for the run to bathroom). The ducts in the cabin are easy to access, but it turns out Oliver engineered this so that the bathroom ducting is not accessible between the refrigerator and the bathroom vanity. Worse, it makes a 90 degree left turn and angles down slightly to get into the bathroom before it turns up again to get to the bathroom vent. Because the hose is fragile, it probably can’t be forced through this turn, nor cleaned in place. Does anyone have any ideas for us? While I am generally pissed that this is built not to be serviceable, we need a solution. We’ve thought of -running smaller 2-3” ducting inside the existing ducting and trying to get it around the corner with string, wire, and a vacuum. This would make the bathroom colder than it already is. -running a different type of hose or duct in replacement that might survive the turns better-but what? -taking out the shower pan and drilling a hole in the inner Fiberglas hull to improve access to turning the hose around that corner (apparently this hole is standard in 2018 models, but we don’t have one on our 2017) -drilling two new holes, one in the closet floor and bathroom wall changing, and having the ducting exposed in the closet. If you’re asking why this crazy project, we got our unit from the factory in be winter. Not until I started running AC in spring and started coughing and sneezing like crazy did we realize that the AC is full of Fiberglas dust, in places and amounts that could not have come from running the AC for 2-3 days. We dumped several teaspoons of this dust out of the cold air lines (see what looks like solid white in the clear tubes in photos) . Dometic thinks it was an original factory installation problem. While obviously there is always going to be some settled Fiberglas dust between the hulls, recirculating large amounts of Fiberglas dust through the cabin air in a basically filterless system isn’t going to work for my medical condition. After pulling out the cabinets and the bathroom vanity yesterday I’m not even sure they really cleaned my trailer between production stages like they say, because there are significant piles of dust in several places. Since the propane heat has also been run since the AC was run, that whole system also has to be cleaned. We pulled out the Atwood furnace and hoses and yes there is Fiberglas dust in there too. That’s how we get to this question. I actually bought this unit to have a refuge of controllable clean air quality for medical reasons. While Jason as always is being extremely kind and helpful, the company doesn’t seem to appreciate this is a major issue, and so far has only been willing to pay to have someone blow out the AC. Unfortunately, this kind of AC really can’t be cleaned thoroughly for particles, and it also can’t be filtered (I don’t consider the pantyhose on the intake to be a filter). The problem started with unwillingness to replace the AC and now I’m looking at even more downwstream problems in the furnace and the built in uncleanable ducts. I’ve got two industrial hygienists, a doctor, a handyman, and a Dometic installer involved and I don’t see a good resolution on the horizon where I end up with a trailer that looks like what I should have left the factory with.
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