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Bigfoot Exterior Security Lighting Fun

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We wanted to get some "security" lights for our local boondocking to ensure we don't miss catching a glimpse of the bigfoots (or is it bigfeets?) roaming the Big Thicket just up the road from us.  😳

Here's what we ended up with - an LED motion sensor light running off of rechargeable D-cell batteries all mounted up on a GoPro style suction mount.  Item list given below.  They work well - suction enough to hold the weight of the batteries and lights with no problem (assuming fiberglass is cleaned).  Lots of other alternatives, but this worked for us!  We also use the rechargeable D-cells in our little frig fan.

Wish us happy bigfeets hunting 😆








Parts list:

Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights
GoPro style suction mounts
Rechagable D-Cells
1/4-20 nuts
JB Weld Marine Epoxy
Scrap wood, approx 1/2" thick

Light mounting base diameter - approx 3 1/8" - cut circles from scrap 1/2" wood
Drill 1/4" hole in center of wood circle - large enough for stud from windshield mount
2x 1/4x20 nuts - JW Weld Epoxy welded to center of wood circles

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