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  1. Very nice indeed! We are getting greener by the day waiting for October but really enjoy living through pictures and stories like yours. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Ok - I used to drink out of the garden hose, so my brain may already be damaged...just saying. RO systems are great - but require super good pre-filters and lots of power. We opted for cartridge style filtration. Here is what we are planning to use. We are not water sanitation experts and this is a very confusing topic for those of us who aren't - pore size vs. charged particle capture, carbon vs. nanofilament, NSF/ANSI certifications and their actual meaning.... This is coupled with the fact that each of our bodies are different in terms of what they can tolerate - I have a buddy that can drink pond scum no problem. Long gone are my days of drinking straight from a spigot or garden hose with my aged gastrointestinal tract!
  3. Welcome Dave and Kimberly! This forum is a great source of information, as I am sure you've already gathered! Enjoy the anticipation!
  4. Welcome Mike and Sue! Sounds like Frances and I and you all are in very similar boats - but you beat us by a month on delivery!! Congrats and we look forward to hearing more from you.
  5. Welcome Fred! I too am from Baton Rouge - Geaux Tigers! (LSU and Tara grad LOL). We started our journey looking into Oliver early this year...Had a great factory tour in April - and bit the bullet. Now waiting for an October delivery. Safe travels and enjoy your trip - it's a beautiful part of the country! This forum is great - so much experience and ready to share and help. Laissez le bon temps rouler in an Oliver LOL!
  6. Concerning the relative humidity...here is the response I received from Lithonics Engineering Manager... "Our GTX Series batteries are UL tested for humidity penetration per UL157 test methods. This battery is fully gasketed and sealed and is marine-grade. It is IP67. In sum, we can operate in 100 percent humidity conditions." Guess this is a case of literature not keeping up with engineering? Regardless, looks like we almost safe here in SE TX, though I am convinced RH is running about 143% at the moment. Edit - The Lithionics sales person called (👍 good response from manufacturer!), he mentioned that they have many long-term installations of their batteries in military applications literally floating on the sea monitoring for incoming bogies with no humidity failures. I did not venture to ask any more, as I am sure he would have to kill me - my sec clearance is now a fossilized file 😄
  7. Pat, you make a good point. I was just sharing info from Anderson that I had not seen raised in this thread. My assumption (I have no facts on this) is that the Anderson hitch would be better at mitigating trailer sway than a TV's software given that the last thing you want to do when you get cyclical sway starting is to apply TV brakes. I think one could be opening themselves to potential liability with not turning off the TV's sway control as per Anderson's specifications. Here is an article I found interesting on towing liabilities. While it points more towards the use of WD hitches, it describes the need to follow the manufacturer's specifications - regardless of how many lawyers were involved in writing the specs! 😄
  8. Fritz, just as an FYI, I don't know about newer Ram's but many Ford's have trailer anti-sway control built into their traction control software. Anderson cautions against using the anti-sway control on the tow vehicle with their hitch (see below from their manual). Also, if your tow vehicle manual recommends a WDH for your trailer given its weight, and you don't have one installed - and (this is the bad one) you have an accident, your insurance company could refuse to pay any claims as you were "not operating the vehicle in accordance with manufacturer specifications." May be a long-shot, but I would include it in my decision making process. Don't want to muddy the waters but thought I would throw this in.
  9. LOL - I already asked this question. The Lithionics contact is getting with their engineers to better understand this limit. I guess, shoveling loads of desiccant into the battery compartment is the only way it would work for us with average RH of 85%+ . As soon as I hear back, I will post.
  10. As previously mentioned, each manufacturer may have different specs. I just got off the phone with the Lithionics folks, as I understands the current supplier for OTT). They confirmed that the BMS will shut batteries off at 130F or so (as sensed on the cell liners). He said it takes time from a cell to get up to this temperature. As for storage, their storage guidelines are attached. He went on to say that their storage specifications are very conservative. This make sense given a max temp for normal operations of 130F and storage specs of 95F max. My thought would be that 24-hour average temps of <95F for storage would be fine. Not many places see a 95F 24-hour average. I feel for you folks in the west with all this heat. At least for most of you, sweat works with your low humidity. Something that fails us here in the south 🌞 Storage-Procedure-Rev-03 (1).pdf
  11. Congrats!! We too are in queue, but a bit ahead of you. I can share that I am getting a bit green when I see the posts from those taking delivery - but am enjoying all the planning time we have been doing. 🤓
  12. I totally agree with John E Davies comments - Googling " rv ac compressor starts then stops" is not reassuring! I just happened on this on Keystone forum...maybe helps or worthless. Then this in info I found on the Easy Start site about short-cycle prevention - maybe looking at the Easy Start display could be a clue? Unfortunately, the list of potential issues (and links to things) is very long), like the above, or overheating, or .... Good luck on finding the cause and solution!
  13. Welcome! We too are new and this forum and the other publications from the Oliver site are outstanding!
  14. That's great! With the 2019, one must use a checkerboard sticker that the computer reads. I've heard the sensor is much better. Thanks!
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