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  1. Congrats and great to hear you seem to be having the same experience we have had with # 927. We too got the 2-5/16 coupler as an option - but with one problem - it pulls so great, I forget it's there πŸ€ͺ Keep on enjoying!!
  2. Thanks for all the information. Gutters are on our ever growing list of "projects". I am sure it's likely already been discussed in previous posts, but I happened across this little hack for helping to reduce the potential streaking from gutter run off. It was in this video from RV Life with Tito. May be a good idea, but knowing me, I'd forget to take it down before hitting the road 😲
  3. Here is the Word version of the checklist we used. Again, Fritz and others did all the heavy lifting on this. Inspection Checklist Ver 20211004.docx Now, for the truth....Did we go through EVERY item on the list at our pick-up last month...No . As mentioned above, given the excitement, exhaustion from trip preparation, etc., it was really hard for us focus on every item. But we did take time to enjoy delivery and have fun! We did run through the list, and as I mentioned in our delivery day post, I was totally impressed with corrective actions taken on recent issues. Hanna in Delivery knew of every recent issue I raised and provided a detailed description of what had been done to address it. We I asked about the battery box support nuts, she immediately dove into the rear settee compartment to check them, she mentioned she could not remember having done that on their pre-delivery inspection. And yes, they were tight. So, while we didn't check every item on the list with our own eyes, we asked Hanna about it and discussed it. Other examples include: didn't crawl under the frame to check every zerk fitting, the ones I could see had grease showing in the right areas. didn't check to ensure there were balance weights on the tires, but I did ask if the tires had been balanced. didn't check that the Xantrex inverter had the latest firmware, but asked if it had been updated. didn't get out my ladder and check the roof, solar panel attachments, etc. Now that we are home, we are taking more time to review items. So far, everything that Hanna told us was completely accurate (tires were balanced, inverter had latest firmware, etc). πŸ‘ Given that we were totally newbies, I would add the following to our checklist.... While at the Oliver Campsite (which is very nice!), test every system to ensure you know how it works. We did not try to empty the grey water tank after the first night, even through they have a dump station at the Oliver campsite. A couple of days later when we went to actually drain the tank, we could not get it to drain 😲! We called service, and with calm help on the phone, realized our trailer was not very level at the dump station. Our problem was due to pesky gravity. Had we done this at Oliver's dump site, we would have better understood this issue. πŸ€ͺ
  4. Picked up hull 927, Lucy, on Tuesday 10/26/21. Hanna, Ryan, Crystal, Meghan were a great delivery team. They were patient and answered all out questions including the ones we didn't asked but needed to know the answer. It was an absolute pleasure and flawless delivery. We spent the first night Oliver's new site which was very convenient as we could walk 100 feet to ask more questions. We left Wednesday to David Crockett State Park - absolutely beautiful. And of course, the one thing I was not support to forget to do before we left the Oliver site, was to ensure the valve to prevent grey water from sloshing into the shower pan was closed. I forgot LOL. Fortunately, our grey tank was not full and our shower pan was dry. Then, we forgot to open it on Thursday and our shower had a bit of trouble draining. We will learn. Thanks to all the owners in this forum that helped us prepare for this new adventure.
  5. So excited for your all...enjoy you dream!
  6. LOL I wish I could. I have a very "sensitive" digestive system that does not deal well with much of anything - maybe it's a build up from all that "hose drinkin" I did as a kid πŸ˜‰
  7. johnwen - It is amazing how much help we have received from owners in this forum - all I did was try to merge together all the lists others had already done. My wife tells me I am missing good stuff on the Facebooks groups (Oliver Owners of America for one). I am already overloaded with my OCD list LOL and as topgun2 mentioned above - we will be having fun for sure - been having fun during the wait with all the studying and list making πŸ˜€ Your wait will be over before you know it!
  8. Hi VBistro. I have all my fresh water "stuff" in a single milk crate. Since we don't pick up our LEII for a couple of weeks, I can't tell you exactly where we are going to put it. Was hoping it would fit in the basement, but I think it may be too tall (19.5" sitting in the crate). I am hoping the 16" basement dimension given is for the door and the actual roof of the basement is a couple inches higher?? I have stops on each end of the filter assembly so I could lay it on its side if needed. I will let you know in a couple of weeks.
  9. So excited for you! We are about a week behind you and hope to meet you one day on the road - exciting times for sure!
  10. Yes - adding now and will update the document! Thanks much!
  11. Thanks to everyone on this post as well as others...Given our long wait is just about over, We took the liberty to build upon Fritz's and others great work and tried to incorporate any new issues/areas of concerns. While we know that Oliver has their own delivery checklist, going through this ourselves was a good way to "think" through all the systems. I am sure lots more can be added! Here is a link to our checklist and thanks again to all the work others did for us with their checklists! Edit: If anyone is interested in a Word version - we would be happy to provide it.
  12. Congrats! Thanks for the great pictures and we second the "cute doggie" comment! We are counting down at 40 days to delivery and hope to see you all on the road.
  13. Congrats! We too are in queue and have passed the ENDLESS days going through all the Oliver University info along with lots of YouTube time. While arm-chair RVing is better than nothing, gaining some actual trailering experience as stated above is a great thing. You also have a great group of owners who are so willing to help - both here on the forum and on Facebook. We are excited for you!
  14. No problem at all...we are scheduled for pick up end of October and would be happy to show you when we get back. Prayers for you given Ida - you and Lake Chuck just can't get a break weather wise.
  15. So funny....It's the other way around for us... We are patiently waiting for our delivery - our trailer is NOT waiting for us! Trust me when I say ours will not be sitting lonely in the lot waiting for us. Got a hull number this week...927...our excitement grows each day! Just about burned out on planning and watching YouTube videos - we are ready to start living our dream and joyously making all the mistakes for ourselves 😁
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