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RV sales as an economic indicator

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I put a link down below to the article that kicks off this topic. 

The topic interests me for many reason. The main reason is I am in the process of putting my home up for sale and RVing is one future option for six months of the year.  

The Tesla, EV,  and RV market demand comments are consistent with my other readings.

There are political related insights I will put aside since my recent coffee shop experience suggests bad social interactions are pretty common nature when you mix red and blue at a table. Many people have settled into their ideology as one reason. 

The focus on interest rates makes sense, but I think there are RV specific issues that are relevant and affect the buying trends:

1) rising demand for RV parks

2) increased focus on advance reservations 

3) limited parking choices available

4) land owners, private and government, pushing RVers into RV parks


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travel trailer units for sale
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I just saw a 2023 Oliver for sale on RVTrader.  They paid $107K.  They are asking $80K.  It has been listed for one day.


There are 24 LEGACY ELITE II for sale.  15 are dealer units.

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Jeff & Cindy - NE Arkansas - 2023 Legacy Elite II - Twin Bed - Hull #1423

TV - 2015 Silverado 2500 Duramax 4x4

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I would need to see the monthly sales to customer numbers for Oliver trailers for a couple of years, new and used, but it is very likely what you are seeing is a sluggish market in general, not just Oliver, which is what I assume was your first impression as well.  

When you are paying much more for your daily groceries, utilities, and gas, optional large investments tend to drop significantly as I have seen.  Regardless of the general RV issues. Sales of gyroplanes are pretty sluggish right now with great downward pressures on used gyros.  

For me, as a potential buyer, the general RV issues above suggest to me it helps to be new, highly mobile, small, and to plan a year ahead. Hearing many reports of failures to bypass years of RV life restrictions in some RV parks, for example. 

Returning to economics, I think it is a buyer's market at the moment and affecting the price/value consideration. 

I do know that one RV custom trailer manufacture who has a normal 12 to 14 month order-to-completion time called me a week ago to tell me they had two build slots open in November and two build slots open in December he could slip me into. That is alarming. No, I did not commit. 

End of the RV season deals should be very good this year. 

Trying to avoid the political side, but I believe there is a strong majority of people who believe, rightly or wrongly, that the economy will vastly improve with a fresh pair of eyes in the Oval Office and a change of ideology. Reports say that is happening in Europe as well. 

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