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PROPANE QUICK CONNECT are you ready to plug in ?

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Hi Buzzy,


We are down in Flamingo Campground in Everglades National Park, enjoying our Oliver, and showing it off.


Good advise to bring your appliances with you for your pick up. We did not and our Coleman stove and mini grill do not work with our quick connects. We need to somehow remove the regulators form them and find a connection that will accept a quick connect fitting, not happening in the Everglades, so we are back to the disposable bottles for now.


Will stop and try to make it work after we leave, camp stores, propane suppliers etc. we shall see. Any help appreciated.

Grayson and Ann Cook

Northwest CT and Mid Coast Maine

2016 Oliver Elite II, Twin Bed FP

Toyota Tundra, Extra Cab, Long bed, 5.7 V8


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