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Oliver Stealth Camping?

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One thing I love about the Tab is that when you pull the integrated shades, exterior light is completely blacked out. Not only is this useful for sleeping in during the day, more importantly - we can be "stealth camped" on a downtown city street or in a dark parking lot, and no one walking by can tell anyone is inside even if the lights are on.


The mini-blinds of the Casita and most other RV's are totally useless for this purpose. They barely even give you any privacy, much less block all the light.


It looks like the Oliver's system is closer to the Tab's. How effective will the day night/shades be for stealth camping? Do they let any interior glow shine through to the outside?


Also - do the shades cover the window on the door as well?


Advice from current Oliver owners much appreciated!


- Chris // http://www.technomadia.com

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Hi and welcome to the Oliverforum.

There is no shade on the door window but I use a std RV Thinsulate cover that is made to go over a std Rv door window, 16 x 21 (Ithink) Blocks out sun in summer and cold in winter and prying eyeballs always. Held on with Velcro.

Regards, Chuck

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