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  1. We are so excited that Oliver is back in production, and it's so wonderful to see this community growing! While we no longer own an Oliver, the trailers and the community remain near and dear to our hearts. For the past several months we've been involved with an exciting project called RVillage. It's a new social network specifically for RVers. And we just recently launched. Ya - we know. You're probably saying 'Do we really need another social network?'. This one, we think, you'll find different. It's designed specifically for RVers, by RVers. The intention is to h
  2. We stayed at Wekiva Springs a few weeks ago before we left Florida... we loved it! Great hiking trails, and the campground is about a mile hike to the swimming springs and kayak launch. And so close to stuff in Altamonte Springs for shopping & dining. If it wasn't for the guys blaring their truck's stereo all night, it would have been a very peaceful stay for us. - Cherie
  3. Wanted to let y'all know about a newer entry into the RV Park review and directory game - http://www.rvparking.com. They're taking a lot of the great things about social networking and letting folks create user profiles to leave reviews under, and attempting to compile the most comprehensive RV Park listing out there. We think they're on an excellent track. Some of their data still needs updating, but they're doing the right thing and hiring folks to do extensive fact checking (if you're looking for part time work, they'll even hire you!). They also have a free companion iPhone
  4. Roadside Attractions are so much fun, and nicely add adventure to the road trip! For those of you with iPhones/iPads/iThingies, check out the app 'Roadside America' - it's a great geo listing of all these gems. They also have a website (http://www.roadsideamerica.com/) for those without iPhones. - Cherie
  5. Great advice Sherry, thanks! One other thing crossed my mind... Any tips on keeping pests out? I am thinking of putting a tarp over the air conditioning to keep leaves out, and maybe taping shut the heater, water heater, and air conditioning vents to keep things from nesting. Any other thoughts? Any ideas on ways to keep crawling bugs from going up the jacks? Thanks! - Chris
  6. If possible I would move the tires inside. It is a big theft deterrent, although depending on where you are parking it, probably not a huge deal. It will also keep them out of the sun and the weight off of them which should help them degrade less while not using them. Thanks for the great tips Andrew. I hadn't considered taking the tires off and storing them inside the trailer. If we do, should we put the trailer up on blocks, or will the electric jacks be strong and stable enough for long-term storage? Also - should we put anything in the various tanks to keep them from getting
  7. The 65 mph rating is no issue here since anything of 60 just isn't comfortable when hauling just about anything. I often wonder what those driver are thing that pass me doing 70 or better with trailers. FYI - The factory folks used to brag that Jim would regularly tow Oliver's across country at 95mph. *zoom*
  8. That looks *sweet* guys, well done! And kudo's to Spencer! (He rocks, just like Andrew and crew). - Cherie
  9. Is it noted some where on the trailer what axle you have? This is a good question - I'm not actually sure how to tell the axles apart. I know some people had a lighter-weigh axle, and then Oliver upgraded them to a 5000lb axle. We had a 5000lb axle from the start, but our original was fabricated with a very slight bow in it that was leading to the uneven wear. The one they replaced it with for us was identical, just without the bow. - Chris
  10. When we had them off getting the new tires put on this week, I happened to take a close look at the 15" wheels that came with our Oliver. They are stamped on the inside with "Do Not Exceed 60psi" and "Max Load 1900 lbs". This seems to be under-specced for a trailer of the Oliver's overall weight and 5000lb axle. The original tires were able to be inflated up to 65psi, higher than the wheel they came mounted on... That seems an odd mismatch to me. Has anyone else checked out the specs on their wheels? Do we all have the same? How much of a cause for concern is this? A bi
  11. We had hull #33, and our original axle was faulty too and causing uneven tire wear. The Oliver folks replaced our axle, and gave us new tires. We haven't had any uneven wear since. - Chris
  12. The Contis and Kumhos are both truck tires and you wont find them under trailer tires. The Conti and Kumho truck tires I have tracked down in the 225/75R15 size are not rated to carry the Oliver's weight, as best I can tell. To get enough carrying capacity from those truck tires, you would need to get new wheels and go up to 16 inch rims. I wonder - will a 16" wheel even work on the Oliver? I think there is enough clearance... Anyway -- I ordered a pair of Maxxis M8008 ST225/75R15 trailer tires, load range E. They were $148/each at Discount Tire. Cheers! - Chris
  13. Our Oliver came with Goodyear Marathon Radial ST225/75R15 tires. When a shard of barbed-wire punctured one of them, we had to replace the damaged one with a DynaTrail Radial ST ST225/75R15. Both are Class D load rated. Now the Goodyear is starting to look oddly shaped, and we are looking to replace it ASAP (this week!). The DynaTrail still looks fine, but I want to replace them both with something rock-solid that we can rely on. Unfortunately, it is hard to track down much good info on trailer tires. Any recommendations on tires, and where to buy them? Most tire shops seem t
  14. So.. serendipity will have Chris and I flying to the US Virgin Islands this winter, and living there for 5 months. (Excited!! - full story here: http://www.technomadia.com/2010/09/sere ... lands-mon/) Anyway, we'll soon be starting a cross country drive from CA to FL, then parking our Oliver at a friend's place for the duration. As we've lived in ours full time for over 2 years now, we've never had to think about the things involved with safely storing it... Any tips and advice for the things we should plan to do before flying away to our rum drinks? Obviously - draining/cleaning
  15. BTW - since we will be spending the winter in the US Virgin Islands, I think it makes sense to sell our Mac Mini / Carnetix setup rather than have it sit unused. So.... If anyone is interested in a killer trailer PC that can be powered by 12volt, let me know ASAP. - Chris
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