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Take A Step Back in Time

pam roach

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We have been on the road for 5 weeks today! We are in Spokane at the Goodguys Car Show for the weekend and there were probably 1500 antique and vintage cars in today- the real crowd shows up tomorrow. We have lots of pictures to share and will be learning how to share them this week and get them online.. Have to tell you guys we had to stay in a Holiday Inn last week at Reno and were so glad... to get back in the Oliver...it is so homey and clean. The Oliver is 17 feet in length on the outside but we joke that it is 40 feet long inside.....Five weeks together and we are still talking to each other!!!! We thought we would have a respite from the heat in Nevada - but it followed us to Spokane. We had a couple show up at the show this morning that saw us pulling the Oliver through a town outside of Seattle....this has happened several times. Thanks to everyone at home for all the support and hard work- Kudos to You! If you have met Jim and Evon ...then you know they are nonstop workers and go getters...For the record Jim promised he would take one day and rest next week. We shall see!

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