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Is an Oliver a 4-season trailer?


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Hi Beeser!

I'm not too sure how 4th season you want to go(as in winter) I've camped in the 20's n teens(not by choice) by disconnecting from city water and keeping the seat off and box removed from fwd seat to allow heat into tank area. This was because the cold snap was very unexpected in the panhandle area of FL but I don't think I needed to go to that extreme. I would not take mine to any area that had SNOW as I was raised in WI, NY and TX and have had my fill of it!!! :o Prefer sunny, Jimmy Buffett type climates in my retirement years!!! 8-)

Regards, Chuck 8-)

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Robert told me that the Oliver was designed to take waste heat from the propane fridge and use it to help warm the tanks.


If it works, it is ingenious.


I'm not sure how well the Oliver would handle a hard freeze, but I am guessing you are way better off than in most trailers.

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I have no special desire to subject myself or trailer to the cold. It was just idle curiosity that prompted me to ask the question after reading the Eggcampers thread and realizing that the Oliver has many of the features that makes my Bigfoot a 4-season trailer. The only difference I see possibly is that the Bigfoot has forced air heat applied to the interstitial space where the plumbing is located. Seems that the Oliver is part way there based on technomadia's comments.

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