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A/C maintenance and Condensation tube

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I am trying to figure out if my condensation tube is plugged. I pulled the cover off and you can see the condensate pump and tube in the pic. I tried blowing some mild compressed air into the clear tube and then in to the pump but no air came out the discharge tube at the driver side rear of the trailer. Anyone know which is the discharge side of the pump and shouldn't I be able to blow air through it so air comes out the drain tube at base of trailer? I have the older Coleman Mach 8 model. I also rarely ever use the AC.


I have also been having a few drips come in to the trailer during heavy rain. I suspect the AC is involved. Water appears to be running down the tube to a low spot and then dripping between the hulls on to my solar monitor wiring, where it drips out right on to my face when sleeping! This water caused the monitor to fritz out. Luckily I was able to disconnect it and let it rest for a few minutes, then plugged it back in and all was good. Stuffed a washcloth up there to intercept any more water making its way to my monitor.


As far as general maintenance, all I can think to do is keep the pan clean and blow out the fins clean. Anything else I may be missing?




2015 Oliver Elite, Hull 107

1998 Ford E-250, 5.4 liter

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