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  1. John, A bit late to this.... This mod has been on my mind for quite some time! But for different reasons though. The sound deadening potential of moving the cold air return (CAR) away from the furnace unit is one I hadn't thought of, but I think it is a great idea and probably would make a difference deadening the rocket. I have the Elite. The furnace is under the front dinette seat next to the bathroom wall. The CAR is also right there cut into the seat riser. There has been lots of discussion of ways to heat between the hulls while boondocking and using the furnace. For us Elite ow
  2. The F150 HDPP is available with the shorter 6.5" bed with the Crew Cab. At least I've configured it that way many times! Dave
  3. Topgun, Did you mean you got the OEM 36 gallon tank? Or did you get the 45 gallon tank from Transferflow? Dave
  4. Transferflow also makes a 46 gallon gas replacement tank for the Tundra. AFAIK, this tank and the one for the F150 are the only two gas replacement tanks available. Also, it seems for 2021 model year, Ford is still only offering the HDPP package on the F150 up to the Mid XLT trim, nothing higher. I saw a build sheet somewhere and that was the case. Kind of disappointing.... I suppose when the trucks actually are produced, things could change, but I'm not holding my breath on that. Dave
  5. There seems to be a pretty good thread over on the Fiberglass RV forum you should check out. https://www.fiberglassrv.com/forums/f55/you-can-repair-fiberglass-52498.html Good luck! Dave
  6. My trim in the bathroom also started coming off after a year or so. It's a difficult area due to all the moisture, etc. If you want to go the extra mile when it comes time to reattachment, I would also highly recommend using this 3M adhesive promoter: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RY8L9U6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 After you clean the area with isopropyl alcohol, just wipe this stuff on before applying the trim. It has worked very well for me. Dave
  7. Hi Mark, Here is a pic I posted some time back of out Elite1. Oliver has since changed the hitch design (no more telescoping hitch) but I would think that would not affect the measurement. Our trailer is as level as I could make it for the pic. Don't forget to allow for the rear end of your TV to drop a bit when you do your calculating. Tongue weight on the E1 is around 450 lbs +/-. Good luck and congrats on your new Elite1, we love ours. Dave
  8. One thing I would like to see improved is better between the hull heating, especially the lower hull where all of the vulnerable plumbing resides. One idea I thought may help is moving the return air vent for the furnace as far away from the furnace as I can place it. So as the furnace cycles on and off, hopefully some of the warmer cabin air would be drawn down between the hulls on its way back to the furnace. Even if the temperature wasn't raised a whole lot, just having the movement of air down there would be very helpful. On our Elite1, the return air vent is located under the front d
  9. That's a nice saw for sure. All I could recommend is a HD contractors garbage bag to put it in. Not too glamorous I know.... For those without a generator (like me), I would highly recommend a Silky Katanaboy 500 or 650. I have the 650 and it is razor sharp and cuts very quickly, almost as fast as a traditional 2-man bucksaw. Get some pocket wedges and you're good to go. Enjoy your Makita though...know your binds and be careful! Dave
  10. City water and FWT fill both leaking like that? My guess is that both check valves froze and busted open. That back corner of the trailer is the most vulnerable in freezing weather. Especially with all that plumbing back there. The pex lines won't rupture but the fittings sure will. From all the water coming out your weep holes it should be easy to find. Good luck. Dave
  11. I'm away from my trailer so can't show pics. In my 2015 Elite: Front dinette, completely filled by furnace. Rear dinette, that is where our solar charge controller is located, also lots of other electrical fuses, etc.. It's the best place for the controller as it's very close to the batteries, and the main electrical panel. Street side dining table, battery box fills half the space, the other half has a lot of plumbing. Curb side dining table, hot water heater, water pump and associated plumbing, pretty busy area. This is all from memory, so hopefully accurate. The s
  12. Yes it's a real bummer that Ford limits the HDPP only up to mid XLT trimmed trucks. I would love to have LED headlights and some of the other options you mentioned. I guess Ford wants folks to buy the F250 Lariat Ultimate or above trims if they want capability and some extra safety and comfort options. That Transferflow 50 gallon replacement tank for the F150 really has me thinking though. We'll see if Ford opens up their restrictions on the 2021 HDPP. They used to offer it for the Lariat in 2018.... Dave
  13. John, Like SeaDawg mentioned, Purogene may be what will work for you. I haven't personally used it yet, but bought a quart when I bought my filters. It seems to tick all the boxes for sanitizing the water system. A little spendy compared to bleach for sure, but a little is supposed to go a long way...and it is available! Dave
  14. Kind of late to this party but I have enjoyed reading everyone's thought processes regarding these trucks. Yet another option to consider is the F-150 with the Heavy Duty Payload Package (HDPP). The only potential drawback for some is that it is not available above the XLT model. With the Max Trailer Tow option, it comes with the 3.5 ecoboost engine. HDPP gets the payload up to around 2400 lbs. It comes with 18" LT, C load rated tires, along with other desirable upgrades. I also learned recently that Transferflow makes a 50 gallon gas replacement tank for the F-150, so that
  15. That vent pipe you see behind the drawer has an air admittance valve on the top. It allows air to go in to vent the system, but doesn't let air out, for obvious reasons! Kind of like a back flow preventer in a water line. These valves have been known to fail now and again so that could be a reason. If Oliver installed it right, it should screw off for easy replacement, haven't checked mine lately. For what it's worth, I also always add Happy Camper black tank treatment to the gray tank as well, especially in the summer, it works great for both tanks. Follow the pipe down to the tank, check all
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