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Cool little things that happen, along the way


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Cool little things that happen, along the way, you never know, ya' gotta' be on the lookout for em', or they might just slip by.

We were camped above 10K elevation in the conifers by the old steam train station at Cumbres Pass. The days were warm to mild, the nights cool to cold, the air was clear and refreshing.

We walked up to look thru the windows of the station, there was no operator on duty at the time. A young man that sat on the porch said hello. Looking like he had been out in the woods for weeks, he was shaggy and dressed in what I would describe as strechy lycra hikeing tights, tattered ones. He was clean and we learned later that he had "borrowed" a shower from a camper nearby. He was trying to call on his cell phone that he had mailed to himself. It wasn't working well. Using our cell phone, we learned more about his adventures.

He was hikeing the high country trails and the higher than usual snow accumilation made some places impossible to get through. Finaly, after days of struggling, he gave up and came down to lower elevations to look for transportation home.

His calls home were to get the post offices along the way to send his supplies that he had mailed to himself, returned to his home.

The train came into the station, whistling, wheezing and belching black smoke, with all of the passengers waving cheerily, he bought a ticket, and dissappeared.

Now, if a person chooses to be negative about such an encounter, you know, worring about cell phone charges and looking up call times, they can diminish the quality of their experience. We didn't look or ask. We waved bye and wished him well along his way. Later that day, we made a pleasant discovery. He had camped overnight very near our campsite while waiting for the train. He had Connifer Boughs made into a bed / ground cover that he slept on, and he had gathered firewood. In the firewood that he left behind, there was another thing, he had left a zip lock baggie of carefully shaved dry kindling to be used by the next camper !

Though we don't remember his name, we will remember his thoughtfulness and unselfish labors on the behalf of the next camper that came along. He made us smile, warmed us up as the night chill arrived and the boughs from his bed, ran the Snow Mosquitos away, as they were placed on the campfire.


Just a little thing that happened along the way that made our trip an grand experience.

Oh, yeh, we replenished the shavings in the baggie and left a corner sticking out from the wood pile, as he had, just incase it was one of those damp highcountry days that can chill to the bone, and someone else could use a quick fire. Maybe when you pull in there that baggie of shavings will still be there to welcome you with a cherry fire !

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I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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This photo shows the snow still melting this late in the year. The Snow Mosquitos just loved it ! :(:shock::D


Those remote Forest Service roads were muddy from snow melt runoff, so when we left out, we stopped in Chama, Nm, dumped tanks, topped off with water and burned $5.00 worth of quarters in a car wash.

Oh, yeah, the visitors info station in Chama has free wifi and they leave it on all of the time. It's a good place to check in, while out on the road. Easily found at a Hwy. intersection, the only one in town, there is plenty of parking space and room to manouver when turning. maps, books, train info, and a all around good place to stop in to.

So, when you get there, drag that laptop outta' the TV, put it on the dinette table, pour a cup of coffee and tell us about how your trip is going. :D

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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