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Shower Mats and Cutting Boards at the Rally.


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With the 2019 Oliver Owner’s Rally less than 3 weeks away, I am going back into production of shower mats and cutting boards.  If you are planning to attend the rally and would like to take deliver there and save the shipping cost, please email me at 48ocean@gmail.com or call 516.635-5656. If you’re not attending the rally and would like either, I am happy to ship to you.


Shower mats - $199 Treat your feet and add an impressive upgrade to your Oliver shower.



This shower mat fits perfectly and provides quick water run off while keeping your feet high & dry. Shower mats are made from Honduran mahogany in a crosshatch pattern. Designed and assembled using over 40 precision shiplap joints with brass screws and no glue, making them lightweight and very strong. They fit your Oliver shower floor perfectly, stay put during travel and will last for year to come. The crosshatch pattern drains away water quickly and keeps you from standing in water. Their rubber feet protect your shower pan and provide a non-slip grip.


Please note: These are wood and as such will need a little care from time to time. After each shower, simply tilt the mat up toward your closet wall and let it dry. Every few months scrub them with a soft bristle brush let dry complete and apply a light coat of mineral oil.




Cutting Boards - $89 Add some elegant counter space to your Oliver.


[attachment file=Cutting Board.jpg]

This cutting board, fits your sink to stay put and provides more counter space for preparing meals or just hiding the dirty dishes. Cutting boards are made to your specific sink size. They are Hondurans Mahogany and Rock Maple done in a ship decking pattern They are designed to stay in place when traveling and can be used on both sides. And can also be used for serving as a platter.


Please note: These are wood and as such will need a little care from time to time. Cutting boards should be cleaned and dried after each use and a coat of plain mineral oil applied once a month to keep up their glow.


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Foy and Mirna 

Roamy Mc Roadhouse
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