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Oliver v. Australian Off-road Caravan


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I’ve traveled in Hull 126 many miles since I took delivery in March, 2016 and my experiences have been more positive than negative. However, I’ve concluded that the Oliver is not well-suited to off-road travel. I spend a lot of time dealing with small issues relating to travel on rough roads. After living with the Elite II for over 3 years and traveling many miles, I’ve decided to search for an alternative that better suits my adventurous lifestyle. Here are the main issues that have driven me to consider selling my Oliver and replacing it: 1) it’s lack of true off-road capability; 2) the absence of components and fixtures intended for off-road use; 3) lack of storage—both outside and inside; 4) the small refrigerator and freezer in the Ollie; 5) the limited fresh water capacity; 5) the lack of protection from damage while traveling on rough, rocky terrain; and 6) the absence of a queen-size bed that doesn’t make the living space in the camper too confining.


I’m considering replacing my Ollie with a MDC HR16 East West or MDC HR16 Island off-road caravan manufactured in Australia. A local Iowa company is working with this Australian company and should become a dealer soon.


I haven’t been following he market for used Olivers. I’d like some advice on what I should sell my Elite II twin bed camper for. It’s a 2016 and loaded with about everything you could order at the time including dual awnings, solar panels and inverter, etc. I’ve added a composting toilet and many other things since I took delivery. I’m going to Hohenwald next week to have the furnace replaced. I have a custom bike rack with Yakima components that will accommodate two bikes including fat-tire bikes. What do you think it’s worth?



2020 Kimberley Kruiser T3



2019 Ram 2500 Diesel



States I visited with my Ollie (Sold October, 2019)



States Visited Map


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