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quick fix: No AC power when disconnected from shore power

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Hey, folks.


Just a quick tip about a situation I ran into this week. Symptoms were:

- no working AC power outlets and oven down when disconnected from shore power despite the inverter LED being green when enabled

- working AC power when connected to shore power

- no error codes on the inverter LED in the attic (status "E 0")


I checked the GFCI in the dinette area, toggled all of the breakers in the fuse box under the dinette, and checked the fuses + fuse block with multimeter, and then called Oliver Service.



It turns out the inverter (street side, under the bed, and mounted against the wall of the walkway) has a built-in GFCI which had tripped. Simple matter of resetting it. I read through the manuals and never noticed any mention of this GFCI but its possible I overlooked it in my haste.

Big thanks to Jason @ Oliver Service for his help!

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