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pam roach

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Well...Quartzsite is quite a crazy place indeed! We have been busy as heck out here! We have met some of the most genuinely wonderful and interesting people...We also have several new Oliver owners! We will let them introduce themselves as they wish...all of the guys at the Oliver Plant are going to be plenty busy from here on out! The new 22 foot Legacy is a great hit!!! We do appreciate all of you that have made long trips out to see us and put your orders in...We are looking forward to many years of traveling and getting to see you occasionally.

The weather has been beautiful and the scenery is magnificent... Will keep you posted as much as I can..the days go quickly with the crowds. Our Oliver friends from last year are keeping us company and are wonderful at helping with the questions. Thanks guys!

Pam :D

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We here you still have 1 08 closeout fully loaded...is that right? When will it be back in...We want to look at it...we live in Fairview, TN, about 1 hour from the plant...I can't believe we haven't visited yet...let us know when we can come and see it. Better yet, could you send pics of it???? Thanks Pam and Mike, the wannabees...(want to be an oliver owner and are Beekeepers!!!)

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