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Enkay Rock Tamers

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If anyone has been considering a set they are currently on sale at Cabela's in Buda, TX for $159.99 which is 40 bucks off regular price. Sale ends March 29 and the sales circular I looked at said prices in it were good in Buda only so don't know if you can get this price at other locations. I've used these for years and have mixed feelings as they certainly didn't prevent my Casita or Airstream from picking up a fair number of nicks on the front end. But likely would have been worse without. And will probably find out how they work with a Oliver 22 in the near future.

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Hi there noneoftheabove!

Got our RockTamers after I got a 1 1/2" chunk out of the front of my hitch platform. Luckily, SeaDawg had "outgrown" theirs (went to a beautiful Dodge Hemi 4x4) from their now lucky daughters Chevy. They seem to keep front of the Phunny Pharm MUCH cleaner and no more chips.

We've been giving some thought to the 22'er Oliver.......but haven't seen one yet. Love our 17'er!!

Chuck 8-) n Geri :)

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