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  1. There might have been another 22 footer there if only............................
  2. Let me make one thing very clear - I do not blame Robert for any of the things that happened. He was caught in the middle and did the very best he could under the circumstances. Also the visit to the factory to hand deliver the check was my choice - I could have mailed it just as well. At the time I was very pleased that I went because I got to see the 22' during construction and got some questions answered. Unfortunately things went downhill from there. Given the price they charge Oliver will never have a big backlog of trailers. It is always going to be a 'Limited Edition" product.
  3. Rocinante have you ever been to the Oliver factory? They have a large building that was mostly empty where they built trailers - and as far as I know nothing else. The other parts of their business are in a different location. Last time I was at Oliver in June I was told by Robert that Jim Oliver had him doing research on fiberglass horse trailers. From what Robert told me they've become popular in Europe. As to whether this was a passing fancy or is being followed up on I have no idea. Now let me give you a quick rundown of my Oliver experience - hopefully this time it will not
  4. Well they kicked the can down the road a bit. Last time I heard about anything new from Oliver was that they were researching fiberglass horse trailers. Oliver Travel Trailers are a thing of the past - bank on it!
  5. Thanks - but I'll believe it when I see it. Very strange that there is nothing on their website in mid December if they're planning resuming production in January. You'd think they would be trying to stir up some orders so they'd start with something of a backlog. But maybe they have a fair number of orders already......... Come January guess we'll see!
  6. Just looked at the Oliver Website and still has the notice that was posted last May concerning the production suspension until Jan 2010. Has anyone heard anything to indicate they are going to start making travel trailers again? Or is it like I've suspected ever since that was posted that Oliver Travel Trailers are a thing of the past.
  7. Can anyone using the ANT1550 tell me what the output voltage of the power adapter for the amp is? Hopefully the answer is going to be 12 volts.
  8. One quick question. Are the preferred replacement LED's the Warm White or the Cool White versions for both the regular lights and the reading lights?
  9. Will likely give Robert a call on Monday but probably to set up an appointment to visit the factory - doubt I'll be ordering over the phone. BTW the trailer you took pictures of and the one I saw in Quartzsite are not the same. The interiors are different - particularly the bunk beds in the back and the counter tops. So there must be at least 2 on the road! Most likely I'll have one sooner or later.
  10. Yeah I know it's a great looking trailer. I'm single and travel alone so plenty of room for me - and I have no desire to lug anything bigger than 22' or so up and down the road. Six batteries - guess I didn't look close enough as I thought it had four. But up until now I've not done much boondocking so haven't needed more battery power. But things can change. Like I said I'll likely be placing an order in the next week or so - and then go nuts waiting for it to be finished!
  11. Thanks. Am currently in Bryan, TX but will start wandering East on Sunday. Plan to be in Hohenwald end of next week or early the following week. Had hoped to see this unit again - I spent a couple of hours looking it over at Quartzsite in Jan - before making a final decision but doesn't sound like it will be back by then. Maybe the factory will have another one finished by the time I get there. Suspect I'm going to be placing my order. Had a Casita - 17' Spirit - for 6 1/2 years. Am currently fulltiming in a 2007 20' Airstream Safari SE/LS but want to get back to fiberglass. The AS has
  12. Great pictures. There is likely one of these in my future. Where were these taken - Lake Havasu City? Any idea of when they will be back in Hohenwald? I called the factory but they didn't really know - said in next week or two.
  13. If anyone has been considering a set they are currently on sale at Cabela's in Buda, TX for $159.99 which is 40 bucks off regular price. Sale ends March 29 and the sales circular I looked at said prices in it were good in Buda only so don't know if you can get this price at other locations. I've used these for years and have mixed feelings as they certainly didn't prevent my Casita or Airstream from picking up a fair number of nicks on the front end. But likely would have been worse without. And will probably find out how they work with a Oliver 22 in the near future.
  14. Not surprised to hear that Thor plants were closed or had short work weeks. Airstream has been closed for several weeks in the past few months including the entire month of Nov. Although its been mostly the production side the last 2 weeks in Feb everything was closed including the parts department. And Airstream has also had some pretty major layoffs I understand. But for Thor this is not a sign of financial problems - there is no point in building trailers if they can't sell them. And at the moment very few people are buying.
  15. Cherie: I own a Airstream - 2007 Safari SE/LS - and I agree with you completely when you say that Airstream's are not what they used to be when it comes to quality. But I am very confused by one of your comments - that you were concerned about the financial condition of Thor. How could you possibly be concerned about that when Thor is one of the few companies in this country that is completely debt free and has about 350 million in the bank? It is one of if not the best positioned RV manufacturer to ride out the present difficulties and be very profitable in the future if the RV market eve
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