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Overhead Cabinet Condensation

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Even with the great insulation in our Oliver I have had a problem with condensation in some of the overhead cabinets. This has been a problem for clothes or paper items we store there. With the following solution I have greatly reduced the problem if not almost eliminated it.


I bought a role of the silver bubble wrap insulation that you can find at Camping World or Lowes. The 24" role Lowes sells is perfect. I also purchased some foam strips from Lowes that are used for ceiling around home window air conditions.


I installed the bubble wrap in the cabinets making sure it covered from the rubber shelf liner up to the ceiling of the cabinet. I then stuffed the foam into the gap in the upper part of the cabinet where the outer and inner shells of the camper meet. The foam is also used to hold the bubble wrap in place at the top. I had to get more creative in the rear cabinet, using some double stick tape to hold the bubble wrap in place.


We spent some nights in the mid 30's and had no noticeable condensation in the cabinets.

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As has been mentioned before, your mods are always creative and well executed.


Did you have an opportunity after a long, cold night to peel back the bubble wrap from the outer fiberglass wall to confirm condensation had not simply become trapped between the two? How was your ventilation set up when you noticed the former dampness?


Thanks again, for all your mod postings.

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Good suggestion and I thought the same, but did not check. Will do the next the temps drop, but might be a while now. Either way I am happy with the solution since it protected the contents. In the past we had paper goods and clothing in the rear cabinet get significantly wet.


The problem mostly arose on damp days where we had trouble getting the camper dried out during the day. Also, boiling eggs and pasta on such a day even with the vent and a window open makes controling moisture a challenge.


I'll update the post over time as I see how well this works.

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