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  1. John, What about installing a solar tube skylight (or 2) right above the solar panels on your Ollie? I have one in my living room and it is amazing how much sunlight is brought into the room. It would be interesting to see how much energy you could get from that?
  2. If you put a small "nose up" attitude to your Ollie, the old water pickup at the back becomes much more efficient. Not sure exactly how low you can go, but I'm sure your water pump won't be sucking air with ten gallons remaining. If you wish to maximize the old pickup's capabilities, try a nose up, right tilt. Not enough to make anything roll off your table, just enough to encourage water in the tank to head towards the right rear of the tank.
  3. I find mine to be very easy to clean. The photo of Bosker was put on by a car wrap business and it has a very strong, and slick, clear coating applied on top.
  4. My trailer weight is 3,900lbs fully loaded, with a full water tank (to give me flexibility and keep center of gravity low) . The tongue weight is about 460 lbs (I have a 30 lb protective coating applied to the bottom front and propane tank covering) Read your Acura's owner's manual, paying attention to the towing section. You might also find an Acura owner's forum someplace which discusses real world towing experiences.
  5. 15.257 X square root of 13 divided by 12 + .75
  6. My Alaska trip was in 2018. I was very intrigued, and tempted, to take the Dempster Highway, but when I arrived at the turnoff to Inuvik, there were barriers across the road stating it was closed due to inclement weather and road conditions. Sooooo, the decision was made for me. Ha! As Sherry said, the Top of the World Highway has soft shoulders and wicked drop-offs, so be careful. I only saw one old set of skid marks going over the side. Definitely time your crossing to avoid wet, muddy conditions. There is a campground on the western side of the Yukon River where you can hang out a few days if the weather is bad. The views are spectacular. Don't hesitate to stop along the way and take your trailer's "hero" picture for your scrapbook. Enjoy a chicken-pot-pie in Chicken, AK! The wash station at TOK was very useful.
  7. Well, the great Yeti cooler, makes it easy to stay out on extended trips . . . So I just keep on rolling
  8. The cost may be significant, however, when you consider the years of pleasure you will experience, it doesn't seem that significant at all . . . Here's how my Elite I looks after 13 years.
  9. I pulled The Wonder Egg (2008 single axle Elite I) 111,000 miles with my 2008 4.0L V6 Tacoma. After the Taco surpassed 225,000 miles, it retired from towing duties in 2018 and is now a runabout town vehicle. I purchased a 5.0L V8 F150 as a new to vehicle and it does a very, very fine job. Bosker enjoys the extra room. With full water and a loaded trailer, the tongue weight is 460lbs, as measured on a scale. I've never used a WDH and even during the most adverse weather and road conditions. Now, with 138,000 miles on The Wonder Egg, it still tracks true, with excellent road manners.
  10. Annual maintenance and readjustments, along with cautious downhill technique of using the TV low gears to help maintain a safe speed, etc have worked for my 2008 Elite I's 137,000 miles so far. But disk brakes would be the cat's meow. Having only one wheel and tire on each side, I pay special attention to how things are going on "back there", combining regular maintenance with a tire pressure monitoring system so I can check the pressure and temperature health of the tires while going down the highways and hills. Failure to maintain our equipment in tip top shape is just asking for things to go FUBAR!
  11. Yay, Texas . . . another Ollie is in the house! I hope to be in Colorado with The Wonder Egg in July as well. Do I sense an opportunity for a mini rally?
  12. I traveled in that direction a few years back and it was very memorable. Just a few miles northeast of Jasper, there is a free "overflow" RV parking which has adequate bathroom facilities available. There is plenty of room to spread out and social distance, as you desire. I see you are considering HWY 40 between Hinton and Grand Prairie. During our trip, there was horrendous construction going on to widen the road. It was a two lane highway and there were no shoulders, instead, the pavement abruptly ended and there was a 3 ft vertical drop into mud. Oh, and the potholes were big enough to swallow a VW Bug. Hopefully it has been completed, but if you determine work is still ongoing, it may be safer to go a bit out of your way to avoid it. You will enjoy the Denali Highway. I did it in two days and stayed overnight boondocking at a pull-off. Suggest you pull off early because they are well sought after. About your routing, have you given thought to heading up to Dawson and taking the Top of the World Highway from Dawson, Yukon to Chicken, Alaska? That was a very memorable portion of our trip. If you go that way, after "seeing" Dawson, take the ferry across the river and stay at the campground on the west side of the Yukon River. That way you can get on the road earlier, not needing to wait your turn for the ferry crossing. Don't go on either the Top of the World or Denali highways during or immediately after strong rains! Be sure to count all of the bears and Moose and give us a count upon your return. ENJOY!
  13. Besides your route getting to Maine, consider which campgrounds might be opened in the far Northeast. Many campgrounds close for the winter and drain the water from their lines to prevent freezing and bursting. Campgrounds may remain closed until early to mid May to protect their water lines from a late freeze and to prepare the grounds for the camping season after heavy snows. Be safe and have fun.
  14. The IRS will count your RV as a second home, with all of the applicable tax benefits, as long as it has a sleeping area, a kitchen area, and a toilet area. When initially considering traveling like this, I ran into a fellow with a beautiful, high end, Class A motorhome and he told me the payments on the bank loan were not so onerous after taking his allowable tax deductions into account. https://blog.campingworld.com/rv-basics/rv-tax-benefits-you-should-know/
  15. I LOVE my Diamondback cover that is on my F150! Mine also has the crossbar in front and quite a few more tie downs on the exterior. A bit Expensive, but Oh, so goooood.
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