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  1. Very interesting product. With that petite 5 Ft tall salesperson it looks absolutely HUGE on the inside!
  2. Many new Olivers have the pristine appearance of their beautiful white gelcoat while exploring this wonderful nation. They are truly pieces of modern art to behold as they roll across the highways and byways. During WWII, it was fashionable for American bomber aircraft or fighters to be decorated with intriguing pieces of artwork (Nose Art) which provided an emotional connection for the aircrews as they "went about their business" during their wartime missions. Some of us have chosen to add a personal, meaningful touch to our Ollies as we carry out our "mission" of exploring this land and have chosen to place some sort of art, or motif on the front of our beloved Ollie which helps guide us along the nation's highway, byways, and back roads displaying a bit of our character, history, or interests to others who come across our paths. This thread is a place for us to show our frontal artwork to our Ollie family and perhaps say a few words about it. I'll go first. I'm on my second piece of art, the first one developed cracks after 12 years and 111,000 miles. My companion dog , Bosker, now graces the front of my trailer . . . eyes gazing into new horizons wondering what adventures are around the next corner. Those of you who have placed a bit of your personalty "up front" please share it with us. Tell us how it is meaningful to you . . .
  3. Brian & Brandelyne, Congratulations on you first of thousands of wonderful camping experiences with #23-1351! Your white Super Duty /topper combo with your Oliver looks fantastic. See you at the rally. Pete
  4. It's not so important exactly which device you use. As you've gathered it is more important to be in the habit of ALWAYS checking prior to plugging in your trailer. There are numerous devices available, from the tiny little yellow plug with three lights on the end that only checks the electrical connections to more complex surge protectors with indicator lights for detected problems and an internal surge protector. The latter sort will give you a double surge protection - one at the pole and the one internal to your Oliver. Also, you should follow the advice from ScubaRx and contact Progressive Industries about your unit, to confirm it is well or not.
  5. I never plug The Wonder Egg into a campground power pole without checking it with an external surge protector first, to check for electrical anomalies. Over the years, I've found several reverse polarity or no-ground situations. These can result in damage to your electrical devices or a shock hazard to yourself. I always contact the park manager and either have it repaired on the spot or I move to another location. (and check again, of course) One of my long time camping friends had $800 electrical damage to his Bigfoot trailer due to a faulty outlet. I will aways remember the night I watched an Airstream arrive in camp and the owner immediately connected directly to the box without testing the pole first. The sparks that flew out of the box were spectacular! Don't be him . . . check the pole and trust your readings.
  6. Yikes!!!!!!!! And Whew . . .
  7. "Aww, you asked for it! She was my late mother-in-law’s dog first, then my wife took her and now it’s just me and her. She is my special buddy for sure. 8 year old toy poodle and she weighs 8 pounds 😂" She looks perfect for traveling with you in your Oliver . . . cute as a button . . . compact size . . . non shedding . . . and those EARS!! If you don't have one already, you'll need a nice doggy bed for her to ride along in. There are lots of types to chose from for her size and your F150. I have two types for Bosker, one clips into the seatbelt on the passenger's side and the other straps to the console. Bosker seems to prefer riding on the console so he is closer to me and can clean the earwax out of my right ear whenever he wants. (eeeewww) So, what's her name?
  8. Hello Steve, welcome to "The Family" of Ollie owners and wanderers. I'm sorry for your loss. Fifteen years ago, I was in your spot. Lynn and I were anticipating retirement and traveling the land in an RV and unfortunately, her "time to go" came too soon. Like you, I had a year before I could possible retire and continued to follow our "significantly modified" original plan. Traveling with the Oliver has been very cathartic, and I still sense she's along with me in spirit, urging me on to get out there to see new things, meet new people, and enjoy life as we had intended. I'm on my second tow vehicle, and second travel dog. You will find great comfort in your furkid's companionship along the way and your eyes will be opened up to the many splendors we have around us in this great land. Campers are a gregarious bunch of people and most will gladly assist you, as needed, while you learn the ropes and settle into your own style of camping. Tell us about your pup. Got any pictures?
  9. We are so fortunate the have trailers that help us get outside to see spectacular views and critters. But, occasionally, no trailer is required and nature comes to us to show its wonders. Bosker and I were inside, reading a good book when we heard a soft noise at the front door. Thinking it might have been a package drop off, I went to the door and opened the top half of my dutch door and found this newborn fawn hunkered down in the corner. Momma deer often find a safe place where their baby fawn can hide with its natural coloring or someplace hidden away from the eyes of predators, such as at Bosker's front door. Momma will sleep nearby or go out foraging until coming back to retrieve "Bambi". Nature is awesome. Show us your best wildlife photographs you've taken while traveling or at home.
  10. It depends on driving habits and one's foot heaviness. I usually drive conservatively and see 23mpg on the highway with my V8. However, If I'm in a rush and use heavy accelerator while zooming along in the passing lane the mpg drops to 19.
  11. 5.0 V8 here, but not LE2. Love the 5.0 and 65mph avg mpg is 13.5 - 15.5 depending on wind and rain condition towing 3900lbs. 3.15 gearbox
  12. Well, dang! I've been wondering why my inner ear vestibular system has been just a smidge off lately and now I know.
  13. Ya know? I looked all through that 1959 manual and saw nothing about a WDH . . . so, naaaaaah.
  14. In The Wonder Egg, a 2008 Elite, I installed of two Xtreme bilge heaters between the shells in the rear of the trailer. One protects the water pump and the other protects the water lines near the outside shower. They both protect the water tanks. The heaters turn on as the temp dips below 40° and turn off as it rises above 55°. The initial amperage draw is 8.2A for one second and 4A for operation. It required the addition of two 110v outlets between the hulls and they only operational when I'm hooked up to a power pole or running a generator. I mounted them on firm, yet flexible rubber mats which enables me to easily position them where needed and stops them from tipping over in transit.
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