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  1. I traveled in that direction a few years back and it was very memorable. Just a few miles northeast of Jasper, there is a free "overflow" RV parking which has adequate bathroom facilities available. There is plenty of room to spread out and social distance, as you desire. I see you are considering HWY 40 between Hinton and Grand Prairie. During our trip, there was horrendous construction going on to widen the road. It was a two lane highway and there were no shoulders, instead, the pavement abruptly ended and there was a 3 ft vertical drop into mud. Oh, and the potholes were big enoug
  2. Besides your route getting to Maine, consider which campgrounds might be opened in the far Northeast. Many campgrounds close for the winter and drain the water from their lines to prevent freezing and bursting. Campgrounds may remain closed until early to mid May to protect their water lines from a late freeze and to prepare the grounds for the camping season after heavy snows. Be safe and have fun.
  3. The IRS will count your RV as a second home, with all of the applicable tax benefits, as long as it has a sleeping area, a kitchen area, and a toilet area. When initially considering traveling like this, I ran into a fellow with a beautiful, high end, Class A motorhome and he told me the payments on the bank loan were not so onerous after taking his allowable tax deductions into account. https://blog.campingworld.com/rv-basics/rv-tax-benefits-you-should-know/
  4. I LOVE my Diamondback cover that is on my F150! Mine also has the crossbar in front and quite a few more tie downs on the exterior. A bit Expensive, but Oh, so goooood.
  5. A lack of semiconductors worldwide is affecting a wide swath of producers in many industries. Current lead times for parts can be as much as a year, bringing assembly lines to a halt. This is partially due to Covid's disruption of the workforce, combined with shortages of critical elements. We can expect a bumpy road in manufacturing for a while yet. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/nissan-latest-suspend-production-due-semi-shortage
  6. "Axis are bigger and stay out of neighborhoods", according to Mike. (Mike and I live in the same city.) Hahahahahaaaaaa! This picture was taken from one of my bedroom windows. A herd of about 50 Axis sleep in the woods next to my house every night. It depends on the neighborhood you live in, I guess. They entered our gated and fenced community 10 years ago and have decided to make it home. Mike, you guys must be bow hunting to thin the herd on your side of the city. Voyager, it has been interesting watching your thread develop. Thanks everyone for attempting to keep proper d
  7. Yes, it is quite the special campground, and you get to put your mountain driving skills to the test as you first, climb a steeeeeep hill and descend the precipitous downhill approach to the lake. You really appreciate the relaxing views after your arrival!
  8. Wow . . . a very difficult question . . . so many choices . . . for serenity, I'd say camping amongst the Giant Redwoods in Northern California, at Humbolt Redwoods State Park. For the view, I'd select boon docking at a high elevation (9150') mountain lake at Pinnacles, in the Shoshone National Forest of Wyoming. But for serendipity and a most unexpected wonder, I must choose a public campground on Fogo Island, in northern Newfoundland, at Brimstone Head Park, where you can hike up a hill to one of the four corners of the earth, as recognized by The Flat Earth Society. If you're lucky, you m
  9. One feature of my 2008 Elite, "The Wonder Egg", that is no longer available in later models is the 45 foot long 30Amp service cable on an electric reel. It occupies the space under the front dinette seat which now contains the furnace on newer models. It is one of my favorite features and I would sorely miss it if I ever bought a newer model . . . which is NOT likely to happen . . . ever . . . I LOVE The Wonder Egg!
  10. Hahaaaaa! I haven't seen that picture in a long time. The Bugeye is a towing BEAST . . . OK, maybe not, but it sure looks good with the Ollie behind it.
  11. My 2008 4.0L V6 Tacoma did an admirable job pulling my Elite I (shorty) Ollie 111,000 miles. That being said, when the truck neared 1/4 million miles, even though it still ran superb, I searched for a new TV. When I discovered the new engines in the TACOs had a 3.5L displacement I decided to write it off my list. Yes, it has torque, but given my high annual mileage (pre-Covid) I thought the smaller displacement engine would be working too hard for the long haul. The Elite II would place an even larger burden on the truck's engine as you approached large hill or mountainous terrain. Persona
  12. Are you sure the smell isn't coming from the galley sink? If the p-trap goes dry, grey tank smells can enter the trailer. If this is the issue, adding water into the trap will keep the smell where it belongs . . . down there.
  13. OH YEAH? What about all of those poor flies he skewers onto hooks and hurls out into the stream for the trout to eat? Hmmmmmm????
  14. Very nice looking truck, Mike. I think that Ram Box configuration will come in handy for camping. Have you looked into the Loadmaster Active Suspension system for reducing sag under load and improving ride characteristics overall? I use it on both my Tacoma and F150 and have been very pleased with how it helps the trucks handle a heavy load or the trailer. Also, I'm glad you no longer have an itch and that you saved $4.59 since you didn't need the itching cream. ;) Now, get out there and wash that truck!
  15. Looks like THIS will be all you need, then. It certainly is more cost effective.
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