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Water line seal & chemical compatibility

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I was having an issue with reduced water flow at the outside shower head.  Thinking it might be the usual mineral buildup or plastic shavings issue in the hose or shower head, I decided to disassemble things starting with the shower head and working upstream.  No mineral buildup or plastic shavings found, but when I removed the flex hose from the valve assembly, I did discover that the rubber washer that seals the flex hose to the valve assembly was swollen to the point that it was almost completely restricting the flow of water from the anti-siphon check valve inside the valve assembly.   I’ve only used the normal chemicals in the water system for cleaning, disinfection, and winterizing (vinegar, bleach, and RV anti-freeze).  But the seal obviously didn’t like one or some combination of those chemicals.   I replaced the seal with one from my plumbing parts stash and now the flow is back to normal.   Just something else to check for anyone noticing reduced water flow.  Just be careful when removing the flex hose.  There are several small parts to the little check valve inside  



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