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Belonging to several forums, I have came across this topic from time to time. Some times I have joined in the debate, some times not.

Fully self contained RV's let campers "roll it their way", and, some terms seem to have became interchangeable, at times.

The terms used are:


Dry camping


Today I found this description posted on the Trailer Life Forums:


Dry Camping: Means no utility hook ups such as water, electricity, sewer, cable TV or telephone and may or may not require a fee. Can either be in a city, state, or federal campground, a sporting venue or a parking lot.


Overnighting: Stopping at a Rest Stop, Flying J's or WALMART overnight to catch a few winks.


Boondocking: Means wilderness or primitive camping out in the "boondocks." Natural beauty with little or no (noisy) neighbors. This type of camping (usually in Public Lands like State, BLM, and National Forests) is usually FREE. Just find a place and park.


Finally, you always dry camp when you boondock, but you don't always boondock when you dry camp.


* This post was edited 04/26/06 08:46pm by Mello Mike *


What do you think ?

Is the author:

a. Way off

b. Close but no cigar

c. Dead on

d. None of the above


What do those terms mean for you ? Tell us please.

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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