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Rooftop and mobile solar trackers


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Fellow Oliver Travel Trailer Owners, 

Happy Camper Solar is currently in negotiations with Oliver Travel Trailers to offer new, fully patented solar accessories in the near future.  These products are designed specifically for the Oliver Elite and the Elite II.  These units are fitted on the rooftop with the solar panels.  The tracker automatically picks up the solar panels and adjusts the panels vertically and horizontally AUTOMATICALLY all day  to keep the panels directly pointed at the Sun to gain maximum solar efficiency.  
  The first question in most Oliver Travel Trailer Owners mind is probably “ How Much ?”   This is a part of the on-going negotiations.  The units will be installed and serviced by Oliver Travel Trailers.  At the upcoming Oliver Travel Trailer Owner’s Rally , I will have my Oliver Elite at the Rally with the ST 200  mounted on the rooftop.  The rooftop unit is fully functional and we will be demonstrating the unit at the Beach Pavilion where  the vendors will be located.
In addition, I will also have the Solar MAXX, a portable mobile solar tracker that is easy to use and sets up in just a few minutes.  
All 3 products contain highly advanced electronics that automatically track the sun so your Oliver Travel Trailer receives significantly more solar energy than your panels lying flat on your rooftop.  
Next  week I will be posting additional photos / video.  I will save technical  questions/ answers for the rally.  My two partners,Joe McGinty  andBob Starling,  senior level electrical, electronic and energy engineers will be able to personally address your questions and demonstrate how the solar trackers work.  
I look forward to seeing you at Lake Guntersville State Park. 
The enclosed photos are the Solar MAXX Portable unit. 
Coy Gayle




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