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Tina and I find ourselves back here on this lake like it’s a magnet. Osprey Campground on Priest Lake in Idaho.  We are out on an excursion needing to be back home around the 24th of June.  We will see where the gas prices take us.   Payed 5.15 in Tonasket WA. Just letting all the great folks on the forum know you and your info are appreciated. It is very interesting to find that a lot of crickets can create a slick spot in your travels.  Mike324BE864-B587-49B8-A0F0-C45357AF7A97.thumb.jpeg.bb60df34e6145e7579b5d9036ce4b7b9.jpeg

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2015 Dodge Ram 1500.  2021 Elite ll Standard. Hull #905

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