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Battery replacement procedure


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Hi, I am anticipating replacing the 4 6volt Trojan AGM batteries in our 2018 LEII (Hull #405)  in the next year or so. Since we have the solar option, is there any step by step procedure I should follow in replacing them with the same type battery? Thanks. John Z in PA

John & Eileen

2018 F150 EB Super Crew FX4

2018 Oliver Elite II Hull #405


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Hi John,

I replaced my AGMs in 2021 and posted the process I followed.  Please note that I have Hull #104 using Blue Sky solar equipment.  Since I replaced my Trojan AGMs with Bright Way AGMs I had to reprogram my MPPT controller. If you replace your AGMs with the same Trojan AGMs then no issue, otherwise you may need to reprogram your controller depending on your solar package.  Here is the thread.  Hope it helps!


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Walter & Rebecca| 2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II | Hull #104 | "SoGo" | Nissan Titan SL 5.6L w/ Tow Package


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