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New owners of a 17' Ollie

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Hi all,


We, John and Karen, hail from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and just bought the 17' foot Oliver Elite in AZ. We are pretty excited to join this group of Oliver owners and fans. We only just started looking a few weeks ago and was not that anxious to buy anything we had seen so far. Once we saw the Oliver, we are taken! So when this one came available, we jumped. :P


We both retired from teaching recently and hope to travel around a few times a year. Late fall, as in November, and then in February for a few months...at least to start. Who knows what, where, when. The beauty of retirement!


Our cairn terrier, Oliver, nicknamed Ollie, will be hanging with us. I will be looking for tips on how the dog in trailer works. He is a terrier. So, that means he's a terror!, He is almost 11 however, so has mellowed out considerably.


Another issue we need to learn about is winterizing since we will be coming and going during frigid weather. Any tips would be appreciated. In the meantime, we are reading, reading, reading. The plan is to pick it up in AZ in the beginning of May, head towards TN for some modifications, and then we are off and running.


Can't wait to see other Oliver's out and about!


Karen and John

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