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  1. There will be Oliver units at Quartzsite this year. If anyone is interested in viewing a unit, please call the business office for an appointment. Call 888 526 3978 x-315 Anita, x-313 Karen and x-216 Jason. We'll get you set up. Happy camping!! Read More...
  2. Thanks, Larry, happy to be here. We've been looking for a trailer for some time now, reading fiberglassrv forum and a couple of others. Had a chance to see an Oliver at a fiberglass rally this past April in Bandera, TX. Steve Crider gave us a very thorough tour of his Legacy II. My last RV experience was in the 60's in a pop up as a kid. Carol has never RVed. Although after 40 years in the Army I've done my share of "camping"! Our daughter and her husband have been RVing for a while, all in traditional trailers and 5th wheels. I've seen the issues with build and quality they'v
  3. Thanks Sherry,,,we are ordering it today. Along with a solar pkg. Really trying to get those loose ends tied up now so when the BIG trip comes up, we are all set to go. I see you also have an 08 Sherry. Did your windows have gaskets? Have you had to replace or re caulk your windows yet? Our "new to us" Oliver is an 08 as well. I have no idea the hull number or where to find it. I think Robert told me once but I forgot. Hoping the gutters and more thorough weep hole cleaning does the trick....but am thinking they might need more. Thanks again. Karen
  4. Hi Sherry, We are going to install the rain gutters as well and I was wondering how much you used to cover all the windows? I saw they sold it as 10 feet and 50 feet only....at least at Camper World. Not sure which to get. Glad they have worked out well. We are hoping they help with leaks....along with deeper weep hole cleaning.... Karen
  5. Many Thanks to Larry Harmon! I have been reading posts for a while now but for some reason, wasn't able to log in to ask some questions....now I can. Larry got me up to speed!
  6. Hi Sherry, I have used a foam topper on my small bed in my vintage trailer up until now and it doesn't get hard when cold. I know from experience as we live way up here in the frozen north. And no, I don't camp in the winter, but I do in the fall and it gets down to below freezing some nights. I read all the posts to my bedding question and I think I'm going with another memory foam topper for our new Ollie. I was also looking into ones that are organic so it doesn't give off gases. They are very spendy though. Good luck. It's nice to know the cushions are of such high quality. Bu
  7. Hi all, We, John and Karen, hail from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and just bought the 17' foot Oliver Elite in AZ. We are pretty excited to join this group of Oliver owners and fans. We only just started looking a few weeks ago and was not that anxious to buy anything we had seen so far. Once we saw the Oliver, we are taken! So when this one came available, we jumped. We both retired from teaching recently and hope to travel around a few times a year. Late fall, as in November, and then in February for a few months...at least to start. Who knows what, where, when. The be
  8. Great video, I actually had no clue that our LED back up lights were that bright. Looking forward to future videos.
  9. I have added in post numbers to allow users to direct directly to certain posts. This is done by simply going to whatever topic and post you want to link, right-clicking on the post number underneath the date and choosing "copy link address" you can then post the link into a topic or response to direct a user directly to a post. This will link to post 75 of the topic "Welcome to the Oliver Travel Trailer Forums" Hope you guys like the addition.
  10. Egg Rally in Townsend TN Sites Reserved – When I saw the location of this rally I was so energized, it’s in my backyard; it’s known locally (by people in TN, AL, GA and some other States) as being one of the best sites in this area to visit. You have the Great Smokey Mountains for a back drop and did I mention the great fishing in a crystal clear river! http://www.tremontoutdoorresort.com/ Well, I booked us 3 spots and hope to have a couple of the 22 footers and one 17 footer from the Oliver’s family privately owned custom models there to enjoy the event. We will be there
  11. I just found some in the warehouse. I will shoot you a price 1st of the week.
  12. PLEASE NOTE; REGISTRATION PROCEDURES HAVE CHANGED IN 2014. THIS POST IS NO LONGER ACCURATE, AND NO LONGER A STICKIE. WE DID NOT REMOVE IT BECAUSE OF CONTENT THAT FOLLOWS. SEADAWG, MODERATOR If you would like to register to post on this forum, please do the following: Email jonathan at with the subject 'oliver forums new user registration'. In the body put your desired username, as well as one to two sentences about yourself. Thanks!
  13. Definably a "Must Read and Explore” is "Steve Roberts's" website pertaining to his adventures. I stumbled across his site while following Chris and Cherie’s “Technomadic Adventure’s”. (Love the “You Tube” clip’s by the way!) I think that one of the more interesting aspects of his adventure’s on the bike (or was it a Trike?) too me is that the computers, cell phones, GPS, batteries, charging systems etc… were of the “Tech Age” when it probably weighed 100 times more then as it does now. The cell phone had a cord!! How long ago was that? Today, everything he had integrated into his ride w
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