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I am not a patient man


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34 minutes ago, Cameron said:

Another option might be a series of trainings combined with a two day stay at the Oliver campground. The first walkthrough would happen at pick up time and take an hour or more. Then they could have smaller trainings at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on day one and day two of our campground stay. It would be easy for staff to walk over and easy to get the trailer into service if something needs a technician. I remember that no matter how much I tried to prepare with questions and checklists (and I was there for close to 3 hours with Hanna) it was just too much for my brain. It wasn't until I was at the Davy Crockett campground (and other campgrounds far away in the following days) that I really felt I could test out all the bells and whistles. That's when the questions and confusions really started piling up (and the calls to OTT for help).

We did two days at Camp Oliver.  I think good documentation and practice are key to overcome info overload.  I admit to being nervous risking damage when I don't have confidence in my actions, especially considering the cost of the Ollie. 


I wish the dump station at Camp Oliver was better.  It is right on the street, and it does not have water.  Our first dump was at the Piney campground in Tennessee.  We found a bug, and a call to Oliver offered a work around.  It is something I can repair myself once we get the part from Oliver.


Two years from now the unfamiliarity will be nothing but a fond memory.


Hanna is great BTW.

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On 4/15/2023 at 9:43 AM, HDRider said:

My wife loves the beach, and I love my wife, so Florida is on the horizon.

We are headed to FL in Nov and will stay down there until around mid-Jan, depending on how we feel.  For the bulk of our stay, we have reservations at Key West Naval Air Station - Sigsbee Annex but we will be staying at various sites around FL.  I was stationed there (Cocoa Beach) while in the AF.

Let us know what your plans are. We picked ours up in March and really love it. We are recovering Airstream owners....



PS - I rode HD motorcycles for 16 years and BMW for 5 years. Have over 250,000 miles on those two brands, have survived TWO motorcycle accidents (neither my fault) and decided to hang up the helmets before I get too injured to enjoy camping and travel.

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