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Victron Multiplus working on Ollie 2nd Trip wonderful. Charging with 400watts ground solar and orion 12volt to 12 volt charger.

Ty J

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Multiplus II on Ollie with Cerbo GX Victron screen , Orion 12volt to 12 volt charger, 130/30 mppt victron solar charger.

Pecron 500Amps of DC power charging 4 x Battleborn in ollie ii

Tank Sensors (Mopeka bluetooth to victron Cerbo GX)

Few pictures on 2nd camping trip. 5 days no sun needed running furnace all night. 45 in Hills of Montana. Kept batteries 100 percent. 80s day. rained 3 day of 5.

will grab pictures of install under curbside for later postPXL_20230528_210350421.thumb.jpg.b0e7bbe3256a440d67440400e91eec2b.jpg








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