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  1. I have 2021 Elite II, Did not have any issues when predrilling? I believe there was a inner layer that I drilled through. Did not notice that it was fiberglass, That is a little concerning. I want to check the screws now. Which screws did you notice it on?
  2. I ordered motorized valve for fresh train. Looks awesome. Thanks for input. We will have to see. Six back surgeries do not oblige to lifting darn bed everytime want to change the valve config. Do lots of boondocking will have to see on water situation and grey black. Already ran out of room on black last trip!. Thanks everyone.
  3. Easy modification for Ollie. Could have factoring issues when pulling water for boondocking but modifiable. Quieted pump down, uses less watts. Like ez start for water pump. Very customizable. Has leak detector. Customizable in many situations. Pump shuts off after running over 1 minute, then have to turn pump on and off again. Dip Switch 6 can disable on system. Has pressure and runtime sensors. Uses less electricity due to soft start and less startup of pump. Decided to replace and add when the unit I purchased was not winterized and had to replace pump anyway.
  4. Multiplus II on Ollie with Cerbo GX Victron screen , Orion 12volt to 12 volt charger, 130/30 mppt victron solar charger. Pecron 500Amps of DC power charging 4 x Battleborn in ollie ii Tank Sensors (Mopeka bluetooth to victron Cerbo GX) Few pictures on 2nd camping trip. 5 days no sun needed running furnace all night. 45 in Hills of Montana. Kept batteries 100 percent. 80s day. rained 3 day of 5. will grab pictures of install under curbside for later post
  5. Has anyone though about a deck plate access cover for valves? Having to lift our heavy bed every time since we have a large mattress seems like a great idea? Has anyone installed? 2021 Elite 2. Anyone know what brands oliver is carrying? Thanks
  6. Mark, predrill then screw in sheet metal screws.
  7. Amazon best buy now. Lippert has the same 43.95. I purchased on sale free shipping 32.95
  8. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08R7VF5FX/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  9. Compared lippert and amazon, Lippert had a sale and was cheaper, even with shipping @ time. I love the friction hinges not sure on the longevity though.
  10. Added simple magnetic door open holder. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N63U2UZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Added friction hinges on doors added over the weekend. Predrilled holes and simply added 2nd hinge set - along with Handle. Yes there is a door holder on back side but have had kids around yank them off in past. (Little weary of someone not being careful)
  12. I have 16 screws and titanium rods in my back. Blew 5 disks. Any kind of stress relief to take the bounce out of walking helps. I do lay down and do strengthening excercises on my back. Just a little mod to help me out. Thanks
  13. Was told there should be camera wires to rear of 2021 Oliver Elite II . Could not quite find yet. Added Camera and was extremely reluctant to drill into top so I ran wire behind rear Oliver sign. Used 3M double sided tape. Will definitely have to keep Eye on its security, make sure it will not loosen over time. Anyone have any suspicion of where the wires may be read other topics saying they were in the corners , will keep looking ran out of time.
  14. Added some Interlocking floor matts from pieces I had laying around (Pieced down to the last drop of them). Does not look too pleasing to the eye but my rugs do cover most of them and they do feel comfy on my back. Having back issues I am always looking for any relief I can get and they keep you warm those colder days. Had in my last camper and love them. Only negativies could be cleaning around them and possible water under them that could cause issues. We do not wear our shoes inside.
  15. Thanks for your concerns John, No I do not have a electrical certification but have a electrical background, and I am working with a good friend who is a electrician. There is proper clearance on front and back , but time will tell with the heat , I have Govee thermostats that will monitor the space and alert me if its over 95 degrees. Your right we may have to put more ventilation and fans to blow out into garage as necessary. I would like to find room for a small mini split that I installed in my last trailer It was a 12 volt mini split. It was not efficient enough, It was a experiment and I would go with a 120 volt next time. It kept campers one room comfortable 75 degrees below 92 degrees outside. I am looking at upgrading the a/c this winter, have been looking for the best route to go with a heat pump. Yes heat could be a issue. time will tell. That is not a recommended mounting (have looked at many other forums they mounted horizontal with no issues) I did mount my other unit that way and the fan ran full blast when charging the batteries, but never overheated in higher temps. I could program the victron to charge at a slower rate and it was not a issue. I will definately keep eye on temps. 4 years of running my old unit never had a issue in same enclosed space, this unit is only charging 4 batteries and the other unit I had was charging six battleborns. I could run my ac approximately 6.5 hours stopping and starting every 7 to 10 minutes in 100 degree temps. The cover on the bottom and top can be removed for service also. I agree with you on there batteries, thats why I went with battleborn. I trust the BMS in the system. There are smaller, more compact manageable Lithium Lifepo4 batteries out there Lion energy and even batteries that are half the price out there. The BMS is the proof in the pudding , I put my full trust in there technology of BattleBorn . I have 3 x friends with the same Victron system and love it. Warranty is not a concern. I am not retired quite yet another 5 years , we camp from 30 to 45 days a year and that is pushing my time off already. Before I know it the system will be out of warranty. Yes safety should be my primary concern , mounting it that was is unfortunately only option in a oliver, cannot find another proper location that is high enough. This is a learning process , I am learning the oliver Elite II ins and outs and appreciate all of you for posts. Thanks for all your input. Time will tell. Here is a picture of my older first try system. Yes its messy. Definetely could open a can of worms here!
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