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Trunk Slide and Switch Change

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Wanted an easier way to get lesser used stuff to the back of the trunk in our LE2. I had purchased 2 - 20" drawer slides for a project on the truck I never ended up doing so figured I'd try something out. It was as easy as pulling out the "floor board" of the trunk (which wasn't easy, there's about a 1/16" wiggle room at the door) and then mounting the slides. I had to provide a little bit of a riser to clear the H/C water lines at the street rear corner but it pulls out the full width of the trunk space now. Threw two pipe clamps on there for a bungie to hold things down in transit as well.

IMG_8467.thumb.jpg.9e5810997c62e30c4cd3325a416b44f7.jpg   IMG_8468.thumb.jpg.d1e59704b9ede5b4543799fb9657ca97.jpg

In addition to that, I've never liked toggle switches. These Apiele push buttons work wonders and you can get several different colors. The blue isn't overwhelming and makes for a nice nite light as the Main Cabin Lights I wired to have the blue light on full time (for finding in the dark). The other rings only light up if the desired function is active. Working on the second panel above the curb bed as the thickness of the panel there is too thick for the overall length of the switch.


IMG_8470.thumb.jpg.2866d99282d494722a4fac23f363b43e.jpg   IMG_8471.thumb.jpg.6e8c798a0e5761b5a2525c1903819ce1.jpg


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