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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. We have kids/ neighbors who could come in an check what happened The real problem was warped wooden floor from pooling water (gone three days). I do intend to empty the ice maker next time I leave for a period of time. Spoiled food is not so much of a concern. More the damage from sitting water. We did once (a long time ago) come back in house before we left and found our basement was ankle deep in water from a rusted out water heater. That would be a bigger mess and is not on my radar so much anymore and probably should be.
  2. We are getting ready to take our Oliver ("Olivia" #111 and tow "Ruby") on the road again. Last week while gone on a short trip our household freezer stopped working and we came home to water on the floor and food thawing. I am trying to find a themometer I can monitor with my phone while we are gone again. Does anyone have a suggestion for a system that is not very expensive and can be read through an iphone app? Thanks Linda
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I talked to our mailman and we are going with his suggestion. A neighbor ( actually hiring a teenager next door with supervison from her mom) to pick up the mail. Periodically she will forward the first class to us wherever we happen to be. I got several prepaid priority mailers. I got the legal size as it is the same price as letter size. It just has to be taken to the grocery store post office near our house. The mailers can't go in a box. Linda
  4. Hello, We are going to be traveling for about 2 1/2 months this winter. I would like suggestions for getting your mail delivered or handled while being gone. We will be staying about 2 weeks in each spot if that helps give any guidance. Mostly we will be staying in state parks. Thanks Linda Shields #111
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