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  1. Anybody using the Froli Sleep System under the standard bed cushions on the twin bed Elite II? If so how do you like it? We pick ours up in March, struggling with paying 1600.00 for two twin mattress.
  2. Sometime in March. Something to look forward to this winter.
  3. Good to know, thanks for the info.
  4. John, thanks for the info. Good to get other opinions. I know The Oliver company will build my wife and I a great trailer.
  5. Put down my 5000.00 deposit yesterday on a 2020 Elite ll. While we are excited to be joining the Oliver family I was extremely disappointed to learn that the Michelin tires are no longer being put on the Elite ll. Cooper tires are now the standard tire. Also learned that the ac will be a 11k instead of the 13.5 k that was on the previous models. Anyone else concerned about these changes? The tires were a big plus for me. I know Oliver makes a great product, I wish they would stick with the Michelin’s. Oh well.
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