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  1. While doing my bearings I noticed one of my castle nuts does not smoothly screw on the spindle. The threads look good but getting it finger tight does not happen. Do I need a new castle nut or do you think this guys tips will help?
  2. Thanks for this tip Steve. Today while doing the other side I used your method and both tires lifted off the ground easily. This will be my method from now on.
  3. Well, hooked up to my tv and a proper platform sure made my life easier.
  4. I had a bit of a struggle removing the old cotter pin. I cut down the new one and was wondering if how I replaced it is ok?
  5. Just had that happen! Shattered in a bunch on pieces. Off to Home Depot for some wood.
  6. geO

    Tire date

    Thanks John! After getting my bearing completed I'll replace these outdated tires before hitting the road.
  7. Thank you all for your quick replies. I sensed possible danger here and I do like to be safety oriented. For someone like me a video is my best method of instruction. It clears away any doubt in my mind. I must also state that you guys on this website are amazing with your level of knowledge!
  8. It would be nice if Oliver service department would make a video showing the right process of lifting up the Oliver for maint.
  9. Thanks Bill. I stopped moving forward on this for now. I'll try hooking the trailer to my tow veh and use a piece on 2x4 as you've stated.
  10. Should I be using the rear stabilizers to help? I also don't like how the bottle jack looks. Does not look safe.
  11. I'm not feeling comfortable with jacking up the forward wheel. Is my positioning in the proper spot? The front is a pretty good bit off the ground. Got the back wheels chalked. Just checking before I continue.
  12. Mine where made on the 48wk of 2016. They are over 5 years old and will be replaced. Noticed this today. Just a reminder for others to keep on eye on your tire date. IMG_1835.HEIC
  13. Got my first wheel done and the job went very smoothly. Having the right tools sure does make things easier. Thanks everyone for posting your insight on this!
  14. I've finally got all my parts and getting ready for the task. I found this video very helpful!
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