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  1. If I ever figure out how to BBQ some cookies I will let you know! Lisa You do that Lisa, Let us know how they taste! Bella
  2. Also wanted to add that, as I said I had posted this same ? on the fiber board and someone suggested a Solar Oven and a Coleman oven. Thought those were great ideas to pass along as well. Bella
  3. Earthdancer, I loved the outside outlet we had on the Class A, I always used it for frying taco's in the electric skillet. Less mess. And yes, the other campers would be joining us for dinner. I would stand and make taco's for everyone till I ran out of corn tortilla's. Bella
  4. I remeber an old post that I think earthdancer and bugeyedriver had discussed the toaster oven. It makes sense once I think about it. I really don't use a microwavei much, even at home. But might have to reconsider the Oliver microwave just because it does have that browning feature that meanderthaul reminded me about. Just another thing to think about. And once someone brought up the heat factor of running an oven in such a small space, I know that wouldn't be the way to go........ (at least not for me! ) Thanks Everyone! Bella
  5. Ok, ixney this idea.............. I had posted the same ? on the fiberglass forum and the people who responded, said it raises the heat factor in the trailer up to the temp of the oven....................... Forget it! I so don't want to add heat to this ole' girl's life! LOL..... Bella I will just figure a way to brown on the grill.
  6. I was wondering about this today.......... Can an a regular rv stove/oven combo be put in a Oliver. I know I could call and find out, I was just wondering if any of you had one put in or if it's even possible? Just a though! OK, it's not that I am a baker (it's soooooooo not my thing!) but thought it would come in handy for a few meals.... And if not, what have all of you done for say, broiling/browning etc. I was just thinking about how would I broil my parm/garlic bread. Thanks, Bella
  7. May I add a quick, yummy pot of beans to go along with your grilling Seadawg? This wouldn't exactly go along with the teriyaki (because of the sweetness) But for grilling chicken, steaks, burger's etc. This is a really yummy side dish. I grew up calling them Ranch Beans, you may call it whatever you want. You can make as big as a pot as you want, just vary the amounts to meet the amount of people your feeding. 4 - people side dish- Ranch Beans 1 pound -ish of ground beef, browned (I brown with a little garlic salt) Drain off Add 1 32oz can of pinto beans (some family members use chili bean's, you decided) and a 16oz jar of salsa (we use a little more) (use any salsa you like, Brand, spicyness etc) Let simmer for at least 20 min, just before you sever stir in at least 8oz of grated Cheddar cheese (we use more!) the cheese thickens up the beans . If I am making this for a large crowd, I use Pace picante sauce (med) as it seems more universal as far as the spicyness factor! You can make this in larger amounts, If I am making this to take to a bbq potluck, I may use 4 or 5 pounds of ground beef and one of those 111oz can's of pinto beans, and lot's of salsa and cheese. There is no set recipe! You just make them as meaty, beany, cheesy, spicy as you want! Enjoy Bella
  8. Thanks tumbleweed, I honestly don't use a micro, even at home. But the browning feature would be nice, since there isn't a oven. Yes I did still want the power plug in there. Basically use that space as I do the apliance garage at home. Thanks for your ideas. RvBella
  9. Thanks Everyone, for your Oliver wisdom! It helps, know what works for others. bugeyedriver, I had posted a post with some of these ?'s on rv.net and I got a lot of the same info about the fantastic fan as you posted. It sounds fantastic! Thats one thing I was wondering about, why "It" over the one that comes standard? You answered why. I love the idea that it shuts itself off and on. As for the other options, most if not all are on our list of either must haves or think strongly about. So I was just wondering what others thought. meanderthaul, from the post I posted on rv.net I saw that the outside wash station would be one of those things that could be pretty handy, when you need it. So are you enjoying your new Oliver? Bugz, I am not so much into boondocking, but Dh prefers! A few days here and there, aren't bad, but extended not so much............... Besides I have to pull out my butane curling iron, when I prefer to use my flat iron As for the lift and shock thing, we were pretty set on those options. We live in Colorado, and we tend to take a back road once in awhile. I like your's and bugeye's thoughts on the day/might shades. subarx, I am so with you on the great info on this forum. Thankfully, I have camped and rv'ed all my life so I can understand most of it, but due to health issues for my Dh, and not knowing how long he has to keep camping I want to buy responsibly. That's why the Oliver caught my eye, I feel the Oliver is buying the best quality for a travel trailer that meets our needs. I want to purchase something that won't be falling apart in 2 years cause I will have to be doing all of the driving, backing up (ewww) , setting up/breaking down, maintenance on whatever rv we buy. And want to get a rv that will work for our needs without having a ton of money sitting in the drive way should our travel time end within a couple of years. Which, is basically the way it will go, but want to enjoy what time he has left to do the things he loves most. But as I said I don't want to have regrets for not having the options that we should have. Thats why I am picking and choosing rather than just going for all of it. Hopefully I will pick and choose correctly. So do you know when your going to take the plunge? I still have a lot of things to work out, but need to get going on it. Good Luck with your purchase! Again, Thanks Everyone for your Oliver Wisdom! RvBella
  10. LOL.............. Thanks meanderthal for the heads up on books of fabric choices. From a girls point of view thats nice to know. RvBella P.S My Dh will probably walk the dogs as well.
  11. Thanks bugeyedriver, but I am pretty set on the things I really don't need or want. I never use a microwave (ever), so I would really rather have the space for storage of a toaster, crockpot etc. As for the King Dome, I really wonder how often we would use it. Entertainment System, seems a little much for our needs as well. Again, our choices are not set in stone, but thats why I was wondering about some of the options. and if we would need or use them. RvBella
  12. hmmmmm, this is interesting! I was told they had a huge selection........ I guess a Man's or should I say several Mens opinions! LOL...................................... I was wondering if they did it in leather or vinyl? I was thinking either would be easier to keep clean when camping. But also would like to see some great options. Are either of you looking for any thing special? Style, Theme. Color? RvBella
  13. Hello, Dh and I have been drooling over the Oliver for a few weeks now, finally got our Oliver info packet today. We have been going back and forth on which to buy. I know what I don't really care to have or what we don't need, so I am thinking we really don't need the Elite, but rather the Legacy with options. Our choice is not set in stone, but due to some major health issues for my Dh, I am trying to keep things sensible as we don't know how long we will be able to keep traveling/camping. But I know I don't want to leave crucial things off the trailer and wish we had them later. So there are some options that I am not sure about. 1. the outside wash station, Do you find a need for it? How often do you use and for what kind of things do you use it for? 2. The Fantastic Fan (Whats so fantastic about it, compared to the fan that comes with the Oliver? 3. The Day and Night Shades, if they are a upgrade what type of window coverings come with the Legacy? 4. Monitoring System for tanks, I have never not had them ( though half the time I wondered if they really work) and I am wondering how easy is it to not have them? 5. The Chrome Wheel option, Haven't seen an Oliver with out Chrome, so wondering what the standard wheels look like? Now I am also wondering, but assume that you can also order the Elite options on the Legecy as well. (I will find out) But was wondering about the double pane windows, are they worth it? The upgraded shock system, is it needed? Thanks for your help. RvBella
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