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  1. A few days ago made our reservation, on line, for site G15. In the comments I mentioned that we were attending the Oliver Rally. After your posting, I contacted them, via phone, and tried to clarify that we were part of the Oliver Rally. Gave them the Group Code, but they stated that they have no information on a discount. They did, however, confirm our reservation so we will be seeing all of you then, at some nightly rate. Dennis
  2. Yvonne & Doug, I agree with Brad's assessment. Our's is showing the same light pattern, we are totally disconnected now, at the end of the McCarthy Rd in Wrangell-St Elias National Park. Have been on shore power for the three previous days,and left this morning fully charged. For a short period, after we set up this afternoon, it showed a blue light on the left, indicating a charging status. When it fully recovered, it moved to the mode you are showing. We have been on the road in Canada, and Alaska, for the past two months, and this is the normal pattern. After a few days in t
  3. Gregg Attempting to send you a photo of the Furnace Exterior, after cutting wall and repair. Dennis
  4. Gregg, When we picked up our trailer, hull 153, Oliver had to perform this procedure to correct a problem with our furnace . Very professional looking results, and, I believe, incorporated on the 2017 models. Dennis
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