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  1. And remember..... If you don't have a bottle jack..... A bottle of Jack will help you pass the time while you pay someone else to do the wheel bearings.
  2. Yeah in that first video where they show prying out the bearing.... it last all of 2 and a half seconds and that if you slow it down to 25%. It's almost as if they want it to be a big secret. Thanks for posting it though Jim. Scotty
  3. On the propane tank carried in the basket.... We have the 30 lbs tanks and they are more than enough. If I were to do it again.... I would get the 20 lbs tanks and replace them with two Blue Rhino's from Lowes or HD. Then when on the road I would run one dry... switch to the full one and trade out the empty at the next stop. I don't see the need to carry an extra unless you are boondocking for an extended period of time. Also, it seems to me that a propane tank on the basket would be an easy pick up for a thief. Just my $.02. Good Luck
  4. Awwwwww..... Come on! I was looking forward to the lengthy argument on the importance of electricity!
  5. I did not know that. Thanks for the info. Scotty
  6. I would ask for my money back. If a weapon was supposed to be in the box and was deleted... you should be compensated. Dang!... now you've got me wondering what kind of weapon was in there. 1911? Knife? Ma Deuce? ... no the box would have had to be bigger. Sorry you got cheated out of the bonus weapon.
  7. So.. interesting video.. For Oliver owners we can expect a modest savings moneywise while on the road. More reading and leisure time while waiting for the EV to charge... a LOT more reading time considering we will have to charge every 100 miles or so. BUT... if we charge at home we can expect up to an 80% savings. No problem... I never tow my Oliver more than 50 miles from home anyway.
  8. Yeah... what's up with that? Not Twin Fall, Boise, Idaho Falls. Nor Helena, Billings and near Missoula Montana. It's like they are purposefully missing the large population centers. Collusion with cable? Where are the Hardy Boys when you need them?
  9. Yep... But... Thinking that many folks pay over 200 per month for a cable / phone / internet connection. So, $110 for Starlink plus just basic cable might equal a small savings overall. Not ready to make the jump yet but... maybe when they get service at our home location.
  10. It seems that Starlink has enabled roaming... So no more changing your address to get coverage. Here is a link to the availability map. https://www.starlink.com/map Interesting that coverage is almost complete in the places where you would need it the most. The Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, etc. I am tempted to spend the $99 to waitlist just to get in the queue.
  11. We have the Garmin 56 and have been very happy with it. Seamless interface with the app on phone and ipad to get the files. Easier to see on the ipad. The previews have less resolution but once you download them they are very good. A must have in my opinion.
  12. Thanks to OP and everyone else for chiming in on this topic. Have been very interested in this topic and it's good to have some first hand reports.
  13. Details Wanderers Details.... and Pictures.... We need pictures... of the Truck!
  14. I am very intrigued by your tow vehicle. Would you tell us about it and post some pics of the storage bed? TIA... Scotty
  15. Rough roads mean you need to get everything inside the trailer battened down as much as possible. Oliver has improved the drawer / cabinet locks over the years but don't forget the microwave glass plate inside the oven. As everyone else has said... the roof is accessible with a good ladder. I have a 6' platform ladder that does the job well. Keep in mind that if you are doing a LOT of roof work in one day... going up and down and moving the ladder can be a workout. Good Luck
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