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  1. Well... last trip out the fan lift mechanism exploded. That gets your attention real quick. Got the part and just re-installed. Wanted to pass along a tip that I did not see here or in the instructions. That spring that attaches to the lifting arm is curiously absent from the instructions that I got with the new part. Ordered it from RV Products directly and they said it would be 3 weeks to arrive but it came in 2 weeks. OK.. here goes. The part of the spring that gets bolted onto the mechanism goes in the hole on top and the same side as the post that turns the bar to raise. That's the hole closest to the hinge when installed. Mine was blown up so I didn't have a reference. Lots of fun... only had to go up on the roof about a dozen times. But no falls and nothing broken. Happy Camping Everyone, Scotty
  2. People really don't have much consideration for their camping neighbors. OK... SOME people... We've had folks using generators (that were placed behind their camper and in front of ours) right up until the 10pm cut off. And most recently a group that set their campfire ring and chairs right next to our trailer and were yakking away until 11:30pm. (OK.. it was in NJ.. I should have expected it) The first night when I told them we were trying to sleep they knocked it off. The second night one guy who had a little too much to drink wanted to start a fight. Preference is state or NP campsites, but when we have to book a commercial campsite I look for one with sites as far apart from each other as possible (Thankful for google maps satellite view) and always check the quiet hours rules. Scotty
  3. Had ours blow up on this last trip. Cost was 22.09 plus shipping brought it to $37.48. 3 week lead time. Number for the company is 574-247-9235. It sure does get your attention when it blows up. Thanks for all the info here guys... appreciate it. Scotty
  4. Even us Canadians living in the USA are offended at your oversight. For penance you must stop at the next Tim Hortons you pass for breakfast.
  5. Great Thread! Thanks everyone. I was looking over the list for this years Rally and said to Donna... "Hey... it looks like we are among the "Old Guard" of Oliver Trailer Owners. (both a low hull number and original owner) We were surprised at how quickly that happened. 7 years goes by fast. See Y'all soon.. safe travels to the Rally. Scotty
  6. Can you send me one of those stickers.... I want to put it in our trailer to see how high Donna will jump when she sees it. Scotty
  7. Gregg & Donna Scott and Missy the Westie will be in spot E-19. Hull #145 The Flying Sea Turtle See you all then.
  8. Once they strap the golf cart onto the front of the bug it'll be fine. Just go slow down the mountains.
  9. Oh man....... Now I have to start cruising campgrounds looking for an unhitched LE2.......... Then just back up my Toyota Camry in front of it and take a picture to post! Only joking... Sorry... Couldn't resist. Scotty
  10. Good to remember that Meghan plays "All About That Bass" on the Ukulele! I'll reach out to Matt and see what we can arrange. Maybe we'll get lucky on that beer this time. Scotty
  11. OK... thinking Friday night around 6pm at the Beach Pavilion. BYOC and BYOB. I'll put together a list of about 10 popular songs that people know the words to. Or, maybe have handouts with just the words so folks can sing along. I'll post a google drive location that people who play instruments can download the charts from . After the singalong, we can have a signup sheet for an Open (no) Mic, and folks can perform for us. Simple and easy. Who do I have to sweet talk to schedule the Beach Pavillion? Scotty
  12. Banjo! Damn... I'm sorry I quit the bagpipes years ago! Seriously though... We will be in E-19 and I'll have at least one Ukulele with me. We could share around some charts beforehand and pick a time and place to meet. Should be fun.
  13. Hey Gang.... Just wanted to put this out there. I have a 2016 F-150 as a TV for my LE2. At 50k miles I had a fault in the module that controlled the louvers for the turbo.... at 93k I had a fault in the hill control descent feature which turn out to be a bad electronic throttle body. Both times I got the flashing error with a bong bong bong warning and a complete loss of power. The power steering and brakes still worked but the only option was to coast to the side of the road and attempt a re-start. The 50k event happened when I was only about a half mile from home and was able to limp it home. The 93k event happened once then it was ok then again until a few thousand miles later... then finally it happened continually and I had it towed to a Ford dealership. Adding insult to injury, both Ford dealerships that I could get to were booked out weeks. So, I was without my truck for a solid month. Plus it was 2k the first time and 1400 just this week. Fortunately, this never happened while I was towing my Oliver. But it got me thinking.... How common is this in modern trucks? They are all controlled by computers. You never know when some module somewhere is going to go on the fritz and strand you. Hopefully never while you are on a trip, or while towing, especially up a mountain road with no shoulder. So why am I telling you all this...? Well, I would like to know if anyone has had a similar event with their TV.. or am I the only unlucky one. But also.... Not a bad idea to keep in mind that this can happen and you may have to get to the shoulder of the road on very short notice. At least if you are aware that this is a possibility, you might react quick enough to prevent getting stuck in the middle of a highway or in some other really bad place. It's fixed for now, and we are planning a spring trip to Canada.... Hopefully no more unpleasant surprises. Thanks for listening, Scotty
  14. This video recommends jacking under the axle. I would NOT do this without contacting Oliver first. The Dexter axles are not meant to be jack points. Several owners have damaged their axles by using a jack under them. The nose all UP and all DOWN is great info.... Thanks OP.
  15. I got a platform ladder specifically to get up top on the trailer. Three points of contact at all times and keep your belt buckle between the rails. And go slow. Or better yet.. don't go at all.
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