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  1. Thank you! I just bought the Calmark cover a few days ago along with the wheel covers. Last winter I was able to keep it clear so the solar panels could charge the batteries without a problem, and no damage had been done by leaving it uncovered. The skirt idea is a good one. I keep my Oliver in my driveway which is sort of A protected area but snow certainly does collect underneath. Hope someday to meet you, and other Oliver owners in the NE area, possibly at a New England rally? ?
  2. Love the idea of a 25 amp suitcase type solar panel to trickle charge while storing
  3. Thanks. I’ll be ordering one this week. Did you also get the propane tank cover and wheel covers? Pretty pricey, but am told it’s a good investment....
  4. Thanks. Last winter I left it uncovered, but it’s in my driveway under trees, so it required extra cleanup. I like the advice to use the rejex, will check into that! Makes sense. I did not ask at the factory for specific information. We were told on tour that some cover, some don’t....
  5. Yes. I believe they now feel that pool noodles along the sides of the solar panels is a must, and not rely on having any trickle charge.
  6. Thanks. I asked the CalMark rep if they had ever customized the cover with a clear panel over where the solar is, and she said yes, but it didn’t work out well, easily damaged, she told me. Also told me that the cover must “hug” the camper rather than extend over propane tanks or front basket. Something about avoiding critter access, and not wanting air pockets.
  7. Thanks, your plan sounds just right. I see the CalMark company also sells propane covers and tire covers as well. With a snowy winter predicted, I feel a cover is best, after spending last winter having to brush snow off and worrying if I’d hit and scratch anything under a few ft of white on white!
  8. Thanks, yes, the woman at the office told me about using the pool noodles. Will you plug in over winter, or will the solar still trickle charge the batteries with the cover on, do you think?
  9. for or against? Anyone know if you still can use solar, if batteries will charge, if covered? Will any certain cover material be best for that? Or do you just cover and plug in over the winter? I live in MA, so there’s up to two ft of snow at times, but I always remove snow promptly. Thanks!
  10. Waterless Truma was my choice and I’m very happy with it!
  11. Is this water accumulator needed or useful for the instant hot water heater? Thanks
  12. When boondocking, I use three plastic dishwashing tubs to wash and rinse dishes, and one to use to bathe and wash my hair . Use that one also to soak my feet each evening. Believe it or not, you sleep better after soaking and cleaning your feet! Even better if you use Epsom or magnesium salts in the soak water. An old nurses trick I used in my hospital days for restless and uncomfortable patients. Heat water on stove and mix with cold from five gallon containers, easier to lift and store, to get best temps for bathing with a washcloth. I love the composting toilet. Under 32 degrees or when driving in cold weather, I keep the tanks empty and winterized. I use biodegradable soaps. Dr Bronners best for multiple uses. Honda 2000 generator and portable jump start pack as backup for using small electric heater and keeping electronics and smartphones charged.
  13. Hello! My story is similar, researched Airstream’s for a few years, but ordered my Oliver sight unseen on recommendation from a good friend. Wanted solar and the composting toilet. Picked it up last November and currently camping at the Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort on HHI! I’ve come every year for 17 years to timeshare, but this is a first time camping here. I’m from MA, and not missing the current snowstorms one bit. You will love your trailer, just be prepared for a steep learning curve with all the special features. Jason the service manager is terrific, and you will find the forum members will come to your aid quickly!
  14. June

    TV cable

    Thank you! Got the 25 ft cable at Walmart and attached. Had a fuzzy screen and tried to find out why. Didn’t know to turn off the green light. Thanks so much for your quick reply!
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