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  1. It is very interesting reading the complaints Airstream owners are expressing of late. With the massive growth of Airstream, the feeling seems to be their quality has dropped considerably. Without question they are selling a lot of units, but may be increasing their unhappy owner list. Oliver looking better and better especially when you look at the positive comments from Oliver owners.
  2. Thanks to all of you. I think that about covers it and narrows down the decision considerably. I appreciate your help. Happy camping.
  3. Thank you. I was not aware of mattress options available from Oliver, will have to take a look at that. Glad you are pleased with yours, that would certainly be the easiest thing to do, upgrade when you get the Oliver.
  4. I have reviewed several posts about replacing the mattress in an Oliver twin. Is anyone aware of a mattress manufacturer that has an Oliver replacement mattress as a part of their inventory. I would assume if they have the specs, they are all the same. Would then simply be a matter of deciding which mattress one wants. If possible, would you give me the names of the companies where you bought your mattress. I am assuming what comes with the trailer will not be satisfactory in the long haul, no pun intended. Thanks all of you who are enjoying a good night's sleep.
  5. Thanks to all of you for your input. Your experiences help in many ways. There is also a great comparison I ran across on a web search looking for Airstream VS Oliver, written by twopluslu. I think my earlier comparisons and reviews and studies have further solidified my choice for the Oliver. I hope all of you have wonderful, safe travel experiences and if I am fortunate, I may meet up with you out there as we travel America.
  6. Had been thinking about an Airstream until I became aware of the Oliver and now leaning that way. I posted a similar topic on Airstream Forum and received very positive responses about Oliver. My question, have any of you had experience with Airstream? From some fairly detailed comparisons, the Oliver continues to lead the race.
  7. You are just a wealth of information, thanks for all your posts. We need to put you on retainer.
  8. When I get mine, Ollie's name will be "Ghost". And if you need to ask, the truck will be named "Rider"
  9. Have you put a tongue scale under the front to determine its weight?
  10. Thanks, will look forward to future posts. I do have you mixed up with another "poster" for some of the comments but all referencing the LC are correct. At my age, I forget from post to post but appreciate your responding and best of luck with your TT and TV.
  11. John, have enjoyed reading your posts here and on the Airstream Forum. Have you had time to test the Land Cruiser in various towing situations as yet? I am hopefully going to purchase either the Elite II or an Airstream and have a real desire to have a Land Cruiser as well. If not a Land Cruiser, then a F-250 Power Stroke. I was going to put a shell on the 250 and carry the spare tires, two generators, air compressor, tools, etc in the back. Figured that the 250 would have more storage space in back than the Land Cruiser, and would push the load limits of the LC, with fuel, peeps, tongue weight, etc. The last LC I looked at on the lot had a load limit of around 1300 lbs. If the configuration works, I will definitely get the LC because of the wonderful attributes of this vehicle. Glad to see your posts on this subject. I am also assuming the trailer brake system you added to the LC has worked well. I do like the factory brake system (on the 250) because of all of the additional information it gives you, but have pulled trailers with after market brake controllers and they have worked very well. Side note, thank you for your service to this Country.
  12. TPMS-Are most of you using tire pressure monitoring systems? Anyone have good or bad comments about specific brands?
  13. I am new to this site but have been considering an Oliver. Is the general opinion that Oliver quality has gone down?
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