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  1. Hi Chuck, Welcome to the Oliver Owners' Forums!
  2. On 10/30/2019 morning we had to have an emergency & unplanned server core maintenance. We're working with a new host and with that, a continued tweaking of the server for best performance and security for all members. We're still doing configurations to the server as well as server hardening (security). We recently moved from a shared hosting to a dedicated server for the forums. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. If you have any questions feel free to Private Message me. Thanks, Jason
  3. 1) Answered by Topgun and Sherry. Thank you! 2) There is now a "Service" menu items in the forums Header Navigation Menu, complete with "Tickets" dropdown menu. 3) There should be no problems with editing pre-conversion topics. I edited several during the testing phase and post-conversion phase as well and have had no negative effect. 🙂
  4. Hi John, It is currently set to unlimited - however the server settings have their own defined allowable file size. This should be perfect for any and all photos.
  5. This is possible. I believe this only centers on mobile devices.
  6. I increased file sizes limits on images. John, I added urlmatch redirects, so far testing your URLs in your post and it appears to be working for me. Please message me if you have any issues or have any questions.
  7. Forums migration is now complete. You previous forums login credentials are valid and still work so please use them. I am working on the Email System, it is currently not working. I will update when it comes available. Thank you everyone for your patience. Enjoy.
  8. We're migrating our current forums to a new and better forum software starting tomorrow October 23, 2019. The forums will be set into Read-Only mode and no posting will take place until Friday when the new forum is setup and the conversion and permissions are completed. Keep in mind that anything you do after the forums is set to read-only mode will be lost. So please refrain from sending private messages, changing profile information, and etc. until after the conversion to the new forums is completed. Thanks everyone!
  9. The Oliver Travel Trailer Community is saddened to announce that our founder, Jim Oliver, passed away last night. As many of you know, Jim and his late brother John, were responsible for creating the original Legacy travel trailers which many of you own and love. Jim passed the baton to his children in 2014 who have created the Legacy Elite II which even more of you own and love. His wit, wisdom, and guidance will be deeply missed. Please feel free to add your thoughts, condolences, and memories of Jim to this thread.
  10. I just built my dream Landrover... MSRP 244k. Lol
  11. Hi Trainman, Have you spoken with the Service Department? They can help you with any issues you are having. You can reach them at: 1-866-205-2621
  12. Hi Shallowgal, Have you spoke to the Service Department? They can definitely give you a hand with any issues you are having. They can be reached at: 1-866-205-2621
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