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  1. Lol, I have always said the Oliver looks like it'd float!
  2. I noticed your map is almost filled up! Soon you'll have to hang it up and start a new map to have some goals lol
  3. I will be checking the logs and server to see what's going on first thing in the morning. Thanks for letting me know!
  4. Hi everyone, We have been receiving a lot of Display Name Change requests recently and in response to that some changes have been made. From now on all members can change their Display Names after 30 days from their registration date. This change can be made 1 time every 30 days. You can make the changes in your Profile when editing it. Thanks everyone!
  5. Most of you are probably already aware that the forums were down for nearly all day today. We had some issues with our host doing a database versioning upgrade. We spent the better part of the day troubleshooting, talking with support, and a whole lot of googling trying to find the solution. We finally figured out the issue and quickly resolved all of the errors keeping us offline, now we're back and we expect no further problems! Thank you, everyone, for your emails letting us know, enjoy!
  6. Share and Enjoy !0Shares0 0 As many of you know, our Service Department moved to our new building several months ago. We are excited to announce that our sales office has now moved to our new location as well. Our new location will serve as... - Sales Offices with an Indoor Showroom - Delivery Center - Service/Parts Center The new address is: 228 Industrial Avenue Hohenwald, Tennessee 38462 We don't have a sign on the building yet. It will be installed by mid-November. Look for the new building's pictures in the future newsletter announcement and on our website! Share an
  7. We have quite a few reviews of Camping Apps in our blog.
  8. Share and Enjoy !0Shares0 0 It's a Different World The Corona Virus has completely changed our culture, so when planning for an RV trip that is something that needs to be considered. We want to help all travel trailer owners, especially the newer ones, to make sure that their trips are a success! Here we are going to outline some things that are important for planning any mobile trip, but especially during COVID and we hope that this information helps. With all of your planning, you need to also rate your level of susceptibility to and fear of the coronavirus and add those consideratio
  9. Share and Enjoy !0Shares0 0 COVID has brought significant changes to the world as we know it and it has clearly affected the travel industry. Much to our surprise, this has led to an increase in travel trailer sales. Bloomberg has noted the rise in sales attributed to COVID and calls them “COVID Campers”. Usually, the sale of travel trailers and other similar recreational vehicles would mark the end and the beginning of recessions, but COVID has changed the pattern. The typical pattern is that sales fall as one begins and rise right before we come out of it, but currently, trailer sales a
  10. This link should work to go to your signature settings: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/settings/signature/
  11. Hello everyone! It has come to my attention that a couple of people have had problems trying to view forum threads and that the post itself would not populate. It later turned out that their content blocker was blocking the forums (for some odd reason) and they had corrected it by allowing the content on these forums. If you use some kind of ad blocker, or content blocker, or Apple builtin content blocker please try allowing it for these forums. I do not know what you use for content blocker but you can find a guide here: https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/enable-co
  12. Update on the APP - I went to try to install it today but was told it is not available to the general public yet. It is only available right now to people that have a Customer Account with the forums software. I think this is for testing. I was told it will SOON be made available to the general public. I did go ahead and fill out the form so I might be able to test it out. I will keep y'all update on this. Thanks
  13. This was a template error, the new update was not compatible with the Oliver template so I had to remake it with the updated version. All appears to be in order now. The APP is created and mainted by the forum software developers. I have not tried it yet on my iOS device but it does look promising. It is strictly for this forums and will not include anything else. It is a 3rd party and not from Oliver. Give it a try, looks good!
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