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    I own an Oliver Travel Trailer
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    Legacy Elite II
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    2021 Oliver Legacy Elite

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  1. I cannot unlock it but I can change it. What do you want your new name to be?
  2. What's going on here? Why are they using Oliver inside photos? Lol
  3. Thought that I disabled those notifications, actually I did. Strange you are still getting them. Do you think you changed any forum account settings for notifications in your profile?
  4. Yes, I did. We can discuss the response if you like.


  5. I made some changes but it also reduces the security for your account as those that have 2-factor authentication will no longer be required to do the 2-factor authentication when logging into the front end from a new device (or someone else attempts to). So be aware of this. If it was just a notification probably not an issue. It's probably too late to ask if you try another browser if that would work since I made this change.
  6. What exactly are you experiencing? Is it just an email notification or are you having to do 2-factor authentication? Did you setup the 2-factor authentication in your account recently? Far as I know it's not enabled by default because I don't have it enabled on my account.
  7. I just sent out an email to our heads of company about this. @JRK have you already put in support ticket to our services department?
  8. I see now what you are getting. It's a notification email when you login successfully to the forums. I will disable those emails. Thanks.
  9. There are security settings on the backend of the forums to help secure each and every one of your accounts from anyone that might try to login (there is no problem with that - it's a fail safe setup). Basically, It is a double authentication that's always been in place. If you login from a private window then there is nothing that tells the forums that you are actually you, so you will get that authentication email to verify that it is you and not someone else. This is why there is no issue when using a regular browsing window because you are logging in from a recognized device that has been used for your account on previous login. This is also the reason why you must authenticate every time when using a private window, each time it is different, that is the whole point of using a private window. Also this could apply if you are using any kind of VPN. It may even apply if you are moving around and the IP address changes. Hope that clears things up a bit and sorry if there are any inconveniences, it is in place for the protection of all of our accounts on these forums.
  10. I made some code changes setting max height of signatures image to 400 pixels and width to auto. Should help.
  11. That's what it was. Hidden setting in the menu. It's fixed now.
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